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Dr. Marlene M. Maheu

Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

Dr. Maheu is a Licensed Psychologist in San Diego, California (PSY#11921). She is the Director of Telehealth and E-health for Alliant University (formerly the California School of Professional Psychology), where she oversees a Post-graduate Professional Training Program for Telehealth and E-health. She also serves the American Psychological Association as a Member of the Committee on Professional Practice Standards (COPPS) and the APA Division 46 Co-chairperson for the Task Force for Media and Telehealth and the Telehealth Liaison for Women through Division 35.

She serves the California Psychological Association as a Member of the Media and Technology Board of Directors, the Committee for Continuing Education, and the Task Force for Innovation in Psychology. She has also discussed various aspects of telehealth as a Content Expert to the American Psychological Association's Telehealth Institute and regularly organizes as well as participates in numerous ehealth and telehealth presentations for various professional organizations. She has been recognized by the California Psychological Association with the Division of Media, Technology and Communication, Jacqueline Bouhoustsos, Ph.D. Award For Contribution to Media Psychology, 1999.

Dr. Maheu is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of SelfhelpMagazine, an award winning online electronic-zine with over 120,000 monthly readers. This online compendium of self-help and psychology information has been developing since November 1, 1994. It holds contributions from hundreds of readers and professionals. Featured in the Best 100 Website lists of magazines such as Web Magazine. SHM has also been featured in the Utne Reader, USA Today, US News and World Report, the Miami Herald, the LA Times, and many more publications. Dr. Maheu was particularly delighted to have SHM representing new development in mental health technologies at President Clinton's recent Inaugural Expo, held at his January 1997 Inauguration. SHM was honored to be selected to accompany the National Institute of Mental Health to showcase their websites in the Technology Tent on the Mall in Washington, D.C. As founder of this project, Dr. Maheu oversees a volunteer staff of over 75 editors, programmers, artists, and support individuals.

Dr. Maheu is the owner of CyberTowers Professional Center and her staff assists colleagues to establish professional websites and services. At her website, users can find a telehealth discussion list, a telehealth newsletter, resources amassed and linked from around the globe, ethics surveys to assess the current status of online practitioners on a number of relevant dimensions, over a thousand professional journal articles mirrored from Germany, a calendar of events for behavioral health practitioners seeking continuing education and conferences, commentaries and articles on a number of topics written by professionals, and much more. Professionals and consumers alike can benefit from her FREE email forums, which include:

  • Cyber-affairs
  • e-Health
  • DistanceLearning
  • Nicotine Freedom
  • NetPsy
  • PsyBus
  • PsyForum
  • SelfhelpMagazine Newsletter
  • Telehealth
  • TelehealthNews

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Consultant: Dr. Maheu offers consultation to individuals, groups, insurance companies, and other organizations interested in developing ethical and fiscally responsible telehealth or e-health services.

Speaker: Dr. Maheu is an internationally acclaimed speaker. For a current listing of Dr. Maheu's speaking schedule, click here.

Author: Dr. Maheu has completed a book through Jossey-Bass, Inc. Publishers. It is for telehealth professionals interested in starting and managing their own ehealth and telehealth companies and projects. It is entitled: E-Health, Telehealth & Telemedicine: A Practical Guide to Startup and Success.Order directly from Dr. Maheu for a discounted rate. Read comments given by professionals from healthcare, business and administration regarding this book.

Her second book is entitled, Infidelity on the Internet, and is in press with Sourcebooks, Inc. This publication date is scheduled for fall of 2001.

Dr. Maheu is currently writing her third book, tentatively titled, Practicing Psychotherapy Online. It is scheduled to be published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., in the spring of 2002.

Dr. Maheu's current Curriculum Vitae.

Send an email message or telephone 858-277-2772.


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