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CyberTowers is a collaborative effort between Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D., a noted author, speaker, and web publisher; and her staff of expert HTML/CGI programmers, designers and developers. These staff members have not only volunteered their services for years, but more importantly for your needs, proven their skills at these websites: TelehealthNet, DrMarleneMaheu and the award winning WWW e-zine, SelfhelpMagazine.

Dr. Maheu, as a professional courtesy, is now in the unique position of being able to refer colleagues to a tried and true design staff. While she makes no claims to their performance outside of the work you can see on her sites, she is happy to provide you with their names to allow you to interview them for your prospective web projects.

Administrators & Webmasters
Judy Berman Jr. System Administrator,
Webmaster, SelfhelpMagazine
Hillary Norfleet Webmaster, TelehealthNet
Co-Webmaster, SelfhelpMagazine


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