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Online Publishing & Marketing Secrets

 Do any of these common problems sound familiar to you?

  • Your time is limited.
  • Your internet options are overwhelming.
  • You can't find a reasonable online publishing & marketing information.
  • You have invested time and money, but have little to show for it.
  • You aren't sure where to draw the ethical line and manage risk.
  • You aren't clear about professional association "guidelines."
  • You want a step-wise plan before hiring unknown web developers, copyrighters, marketing agents and merchant charge card systems.
  • You want  straightforward, professional and cost-conscious suggestions.

If you are here for straight talk on how to develop digital information products, including online classes and training programs, as well as powerful marketing tools to reach massive, international audiences, you are in the right place!

Never before have I been focused on making profits, but the Internet has changed and so have I. You can make serious profits by scrolling down this page and learning about "new media" and the business tools and consultants needed to be successful.  They are here for you, to use at your own discretion if you want them for FREE.

CyberTowers is the results of my collaborative efforts with the 158 volunteer programmers  who have developed the Pioneer Development Resources, Inc.   holdings and affiliates. As you look for the specific resource(s) you need today, relax with the knowledge that you have access to the accumulated knowledge of a professional with an established Internet presence since 1994.

If you want more, I offer individual and group consultation. From risk management with website development to marketing through blogs, podcasts, webcasts, ebooks, tele-seminars, and much more. I'm doing it with remarkable profits - and so can you!

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Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist/Internet Trainer 

I. Domain Names

A. Domains & Keyword Selection Tools

1. Learn about domains and how their advertising works before buying a domain name, or spending money on anything. Much of what you need you can get for free.
Your initial search (a few hours) can determine:
a. keywords words and phrases that get maximum traffic (demand);
b. how many advertising dollars are available for each keyword or phrase. This information is valuable because it points to the most successful keywords online.
Why? Follow the money. If people pay for keywords, it would be wise to develop your:
  • domain name
  • URL page titles
  • page headers and titles
  • subtitles and
  • not more than 2 mentions of the keywords in text of every webpage.
c. who your topic competitors are and how they rank by number: go here: Alexa 
d. which keywords or phrases your competitors are using
2. These keyword selection tools will help you do the above 4 steps to pick powerful keywords for your website or blog:
  • Yahoo-sponsored search tutorial
  • Keyword Elite sells software, but first, try the free tutorial
  • Wordtracker
  • SEO Book
  • Google
  • Go Rank
  • 12 Other Keyword Selection Tools
  • Overture - an excellent tool, but it is often busy, so keep trying
  • SEO Digger
  • MarketLeap - link popularity check
  • Free Keyword Generator Software with Long Tails
  • Microsoft tool for determining user's degree of intent to purchase using specific keywords - very useful to double check the monetization capability of your keyword(s)
  • Microsoft master page for  understanding keywords and their monetization potential
3. Define a niche market. Niches are better than general topics. Look at these resources:
  • 9 Mistakes
  • Look at the table of contents in previously published books
  • Run a Google Book Search for the type of niche that interests you:
Google Book Search
Another Recommendation: Spare yourself the pain of re-doing your work later, and complete the above tasks before moving forward. I cannot urge you strongly enough to take the time to need to completely identify your most profitable concepts now.
Next, set up the domain names you are considering with an Internet Search Provider (ISP) such as those in Section II below.

II. Inexpensive Yet Relatively Reliable Web Hosting

A. Customer Service & Attitudes

Regardless of the company I have chosen over the years, server problems tend to arise with regularity. The most important aspect of getting a web hosting account, then, is customer service.  Once you've chosen a good web hosting company, your contribution to the working relationship with the customer service department is crucial. Treat your host with respect, and you will be surprised at what they can do for you.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. HostICan  This company offers over 700 templates and they have responsive support, too.
  3. EMIDomains Inexpensive Domains
  4. Lunarpages This is where I have a dedicated server, which means an entire computer is devoted to only my projects. Lunarpages has been great for us, but you might consider it even for a small website. They have terrific support and templates to help you get started.
  5. Hosting known for dedicated and managed servers.
  6. ICDSOFT Highly recommended by an esteemed colleague who said, "websites, unlimited email accounts, and the capacity to have 20 mailing lists. They have true 24/7 support."
  7. Ipswitch 
  8. RackSpaceknown for dedicated and managed servers, and is highly recommended by another colleague.
  9. ReadyHosting Another site highly recommended by a colleague. Upon review, I found them to be on the high end of inexpensive, bit still inexpensive.
  10. TotalChoiceHosting Another site highly recommended by a colleague, who said, "Cheap and reliable."
  11. SiteCube
  12. Site Sell Best overall money-making website development service. Online tutorials will take you from brainstorming domain names and keywords, to building and hosting your website right on a sitesell server, to optimal marketing of your services and products. See video. Compare SiteSell to competitors. If you find another site to be better, please let me know.

Websites used to compare web hosts are:

  1. Hosting Review 
  2. Hosting-Review

Of the two, I prefer the second site, because it gives more information, such as the detailed grid showing the host features on their homepage and full page reviews addressing specific categories in their rating system. Hosting company ratings change often. Check these review sites before making any purchases.

III. Web Design

      A. Basic Information

  1. Graphics - your graphic designer will set the tone for your entire web project, so get this step completed next. If you can avoid paying any portion of the graphic artist's fee up front, do so.

  • Choosing the Right Colors
  • More information about Colors and Design
  • Eye Tracking Research
  • Basic Design Courses for the Do-it-yourself-er
    2. Logo Design

IV. Website Features

A. Free and Paid Stock Photos & Cartoons

       1. Photos, cartoons and videos can bring your site to life. 

  • Free Stock Photos
  • Getty Images
  • IStockPhotos
  • Mindy Stricke - Photos by private photographer
  • Randy Glasbergen - cartoonist par excellence
  • SmugMug

B. Shopping Carts

                1. Shopping Carts have many features. Compare before buying. 

  • 1ShoppingCart
  • Google Checkout
  • Practice Pay Solutions
  • Yahoo Store 866-781-9246
  • eBay Store
  • Network Solutions

C. Merchant Accounts (Credit Card Companies)

  1. Merchant Accounts credit cards. Look out for hidden fees with all credit card processing services! Get all your fees explained and estimated in writing before you start.
  • Paypal
  • Your Local Neighborhood Bank - often offer low-cost programs
    2. When looking for such an account, compare these factors:
  • Set-up fee
  • Discount fee (really, this is a charge)
  • Per transaction fee
  • Minimum monthly fee

D. Shopping Carts that Don't Require Merchant Accounts

                    1. Fees are higher for non-bank based services:  

  • Clickbank
  • Paypal
  • PremiumCast

E. Internal Search Engines for your Website

  1. Using a Google search engine on your website to help visitors navigate your site will not only help them find what they seek, but also help you get more of your content cataloged by Google.

  • Google - largest and most frequently used

F. Internet Speed Test

  1. As you work with your website, you will want to know how quickly your page appears. "Drop-in" times are sometimes slow because of errors on your page, problems with your Internet Service Provider, or problems with the Internet itself. To test some of these options, you can use a variety of free websites.  One such site is offered below.
  • Speed Test 

V. E-books

A. Finding E-book Topics

            1. Public Domain Information

  • Project Gutenberg
  • LibriVox
  • Wikipedia - Public Domain
  • Wikipedia - How to Obtain Public Domain Books
  • Federal Money - Freebies

    2. Copyright Information

  • Government Copyright Information
  • Copyright Information from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Free Government Books
  • UNC Article: Intellectual Property, Copyright, Distance Learning
  • Copyscape

         3. Surveys & Survey Tools

  • Pew Internet
  • ArcSurvey
  • Survey Monkey
  • Gallup Poll

     4. Buy Older Books

  • Ebay
  • Abebooks
  • Alibris

      5. Scan Older Book for Conversion into E-book

  • Book Scanning

              6. Automated System for Powerful Headline or Title Creation

  • Amazing Letter Templates 

B. Transcription Services

1. Direct Transcription Services

  • Escriptionist
  • Idictate
  • High Accuracy Transcription Services (HIPAA Aware)

2. Labor Pools

  • Elance - Bid for work to be completed by people from around the world, including US, India and Russia
  • Agents of Value - Hire an individual who will work for you 40 hours per week. Programmers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, link managers, etc. from the Philippines.

C. Publishing E-books

1. Discussions of E-books and Samples

  • Ebooks
  • Clickbank
  • Download (Software website with many e-books)

2. Wikipedia - Comparison_of_e-book_formats

3. Document Publishing Software

  • PDF995 

D. E-book Cover Services, Software and Artists

  • Killer Covers Excellent support at a very reasonable price. Professional all the way!
  • Cover Action Pro - ebook software to make your own covers, CD & DVD labels, coupons, etc.
  • Cover Factory
  • Ebook Template Source
  • Quality Book Covers
  • Free Ebook Cover Graphics
  • E. Converting a PDF to a Graphics Image

    • PDF2Image

    F. Register Your Book

      • ISBN
      • Bowker

    G. Best Ebook Development & Marketing Class - Teleseminar for 6 weeks

    1. David Riklan  - save yourself a lot of time and money and learn it the easy way. David under-promises and over-delivers, meaning you get a lot more than you pay for. I can almost promise that you'll be happy you took his course. He offers it every few months. Once you become a student you can take the course as often as you like for the rest of your life!! It is so jam packed full of ever-changing information, I've already taken it twice and am still learning new information. In fact, many of the links related to ebooks on this page were gathered while I took his ebook training course. The other thing is that he will go the extra mile for you if you have an obscure question. and generally seems like a noteworthy person. Sign up for his Introductory Teleseminar and settle in for a truly fine learning experience - all from the comfort of your own home. Free Teleseminar

    VI. Podcasting

            A. Podcast Software 

    1. Amazon S3
      • S3 Stat
      • S3 Organizer
    2. Audacity 
    3. Feedburner
    4. Levelator 
    5. Podcast Spot
    6. Semio Logic = blogging on steroids!! Semiologic is a web service company that will go to your server (if you wish), set up your Wordpress blog, designed specifically for marketing, and allow you to include podcasts, video clips, etc. etc. Can this be true?? Yes. This service rocks. Nuf said?? 

    B. Statistical & Link Tracking Programs 

    1. Google Analytics 
    2. HyperTracker
    3. Podtrac
    4. Marketers Choice
    5. Wordtracker
    6. Who Links To Me?
    7. We Build Pages  Matches 'back links' with 'anchor test'
    8. Backlink Checker

    C. Podcast Distributors for Disseminating your Podcasts

    1. Popuri
    2. Pod Pusher
    3. Media Fly
    4. Only Wire
    5. HelloTXT
    6. Premiumcast
    7. Podcast411

    D. Podcast Recording Equipment

    1. Teleseminar Tools

    E. Podcast Groups, Associations, Shows

    1. Podcast Expo Live
    2. Podcast Brothers

    F. VideoCast Distributors for Diseminating your Videocasts

    1. PodShow
    2. Medio 

    VII. Marketing

    A. Marketing Terms - Glossary

    1. MarketingTerms

    B. Sales Copywriting and Copywriters

    1. Copywriting Issues for Sales Websites
    2. Creating Sales Letters and Pages
      • Instant Sales Letters
      • Landing Page Cash Machine
    3. Robert Bly
    4. Michael Masterson Copyrighting Course
    5. Nick Usborne
    6. Dan Lok
    7. Michael Fortin
    8. Elance - to find copywriters
    9. Jay Abraham
    10. Dr. Joe Vitale
    11. Gary Halbert Letters
    12. Fred Gleeck
    13. Jim Edwards
    14. Alex Mendossian
      • Text Description of Marketing Services
      • YouTube Video Description

    C. Speaking Websites, Postcards, AudioBooks

    1. SitePal Avatars
    2. Mendossian Audio
    3. Mendossian Audio Postcard
    4. AudioBooks as MP3 Files
      • SiteSell
      • Audio Editor Comparison Chart - Audio Editor software programs remove delays, ums and other problems.
        • Dexter - easiest to use
        • Goldwave - has advanced features to polish quality of recording
        • Blaze
    5. StudioCutz Royalty Free Music for fade in - out music clips (licensing)

    D. Video Marketing

    1. Instant Video Generator
    2. Mendossian Video

    E. Newsletter and Autoresponder Services

    1. 1 Shopping Cart
    2. Professional Cart Solutions
    3. Aweber - my personal favorite because they specialize in delivering mail. They  have the highest delivery success rate in the business. They allow split testing for tracking marketing success. They also offer plain text and HTML formatting, and their service is superb.
    4. Constant Contact
    5. NetAtlantic
    6. GetResponse
        • Sign Up Here for FREE Autoresponder Course:
    Your first name:
    Your primary email address:

                  F. Building Newsletter Email Lists

          1. Legal Issues
            • US Federal Trade Commission - Regarding Spam
            • Internet Law Compliance System
          2. Services
            • List Opt
            • World Wide Lists
            • Self Improvement Newsletters
            • Coreg Media
            • Directory of Ezines
            • Ezine-dir
            • Ezine Listing
            • Ezine Hub
          3. Spam Issues
            • Avoiding Spam Words
            • Spam Checker
            • More Spam Info

                     G. Licensing Ideas to Others for Royalties

      • Invent Right 800-701-7993
      • Guthy-Renker Corporation 760-773-9022

             H. Become an Expert

      1. ProfNet via PR Leads
      2. ExpertClick

                     I. Blogging as Marketing Vehicle

      1. What is a Blog?
      2. Escape from Cubiclenation
      3. Seth Godin
        • Squidoo
      4. Guy Kawasaki
      5. What are RSS feeds?
      6. More about RSS Feeds
      7. Blog SoftwarePrograms
        • - use Wordpress for storage
        • Self-install - - use your own website for storage
        • Semiologic for automated marketing blog with video, audio and many more plug-in features.
        • MyBlogLog
        • BlogCatalog
      8. Blog Readers allow you to forward all the RSS feeds you find online to one place. That means you can wake up, sit down and read all your favorite blogs, articles. newsletters, discussion posts and much more from one designated website, like Google Reader!
        • Google Reader - quick tour
        • Yahoo
      9. Blog Radio - host your own radio talk show
        • BlogTalkRadio  - Here you can schedule your show in advance and take advantage of their large audience. You can upload music to automatically kick-off your broadcast. Equipment is easy. Use your telephone and accept phone calls with up to 5 people on the line at the same time. Your call will be automatically recorded, saved on the site and available for download  for repurposing later, as in podcasting!
        • Talkshoe - similar in many features to the above. You can have up to 250 active participants, plus thousands of regular online listening audience for this station. When you are finished with your show, you can switch off the recording and continue chatting with your guests.

      J. Link Organization, Tracking and Optimizing

      1. LinkMachine
      2. I Business Promoter - by far, the best link management program I have found, anywhere. PLUS, the support staff is quick to respond, truly helpful, and even better, pleasant to deal with. Two thumbs up on this software and its support team.
      3. FREE Search Engine Optimization Ebook
      4. Track Who is Linking Back to a Website

      K. Marketing Through Affiliates

      1. Affiliates Directory
      2. Affiliate First
      3. Affiliate Programs
      4. Affiliate Ranker
      5. Affiliate Scout
      6. Affiliate Traction
      7. Associate Programs
      8. Commission Junction
      9. ClickBank
      10. InfoBonus
      11. LinkConnector
      12. ShareaSale
      13. Sitesell
      14. Large Places to Meet Potential Affiliates
        • Google Groups
        • Yahoo Groups
        • Warrior Forum
      15. Large Places to Research Contact Information for Potential Affiliates
        • Alexa
        • Network Solutions

          L. Other Free Marketing Options

        1. Craigs List
        2. MySpace

           M. CD Production

        1. Kunaki

           N. Countdown Timers

        1. Count Down Time
        2. Online-Stopwatch
        3. Time Left

           O. Marketing Lists

        1. Edith Roman

           P. Marketing Makeover

        1. Marketing Makeover Generator 

            Q.  Question & Answer Database

           1. Ask Database is a web tool that allows you to develop and Q&A database to simplify contact with people who might be interested in participating in your ebook data-gathering project, Virtual Book Tour (where they ask you questions ahead of the Book Tour so you know what your audience wants to hear from you), podcast (so you can tell them when to tune in and get answers to the top 5 questions you get every week) or teleseminar series (so you know what your audience needs to have you address in developing your materials every week.) At organizes your answers in a searchable database as well. Click here for a $1 Special Trial Offer and see the power of this technology for yourself!

          VII. Specific Technical Services

                    A. Telephone Conferencing Lines (Bridge Lines)

          1. Free 
          • FreeAudioConferencing
          • InstantConference - offers free MP3 of call and call statstics
          • MrConference
          • FreeConferencePro
              2. Paid
          • Two Dollar Toll Free Service
          • RentaBridge

            B. Business Planning Tools

          1. Business Information Resources
          2. Free Strategic Business Planner
          3. Action Plan Marketing for Service professionals

            C. Other Web-based Tools

          1. Archived Websites
          2. Country Calling Codes
          3. Dictionaries
            1. Dictionary
            2. OneLook
          4. E-Learning Tools
          5. Email Delivery Monitor
          6. Form Filling
          7. Inspirational Thoughts
          8. Large File Transfers
          9. Memo to Self  Email Reminders
          10. Productivity Tools
          11. Quote Search
            1. BrainyQuote
            2. ThinkExist
            3. Great Quotes Movie
          12. Screen Capture
          13. Shared Desktop
          14. Single or Low-volume Books Publishers
            1. Lulu
            2. Lightening Source
          15. Time Zone Converter
          16. Virtual Desktop
            1. GoToMyPC
            2. LogMeIn
          17. Visual Thesaurus - gives visual diagram (visual active display) of synonyms - truly amazing and helpful
          18. Voice Capture
          19. Webinar Service - Free trial of GoToMeeting
          20. Wikipedia - Online Encyclopedia
          21. WinZip
          22. World Holiday Calendar
          23. Universal Time

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