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CyberTowers Professional Center
Standard Suites

Package B Includes:

  • 10 mg Storage plus $5 month for every extra 2mg

  • Autoresponder

  • Anonymous FTP

  • Access to numerous CGI scripts

  • One Hour of Website Consultation with Dr. Maheu

  • Cross-referral opportunities with other CT clients

  • One free ad per month - no more than 120 characters + URL

  • Up to 5 forwarding email addresses (these get sent to your existing account for free). Now your company can appear much larger. For example, set up an account for sales, billing, support, and info!

Total fees: $59.95 per month plus $495 one-time setup fee!

Additional Services*

$75 setup/ $99.95 per 6 months

Secured Transactions:
$350 setup/additional $20 per month + Programming
* requires VeriSign or Thawte digital id

Shopping Cart Program:
$395 for 15 items inclusive; Additional Programming time for 16 items or more

Additional Autoresponder Setup:
$25setup/$2 monthly fee or $50 flat rate

Additional Forwarding Email Setup:
$25/$3 monthly fee -- private domain name extension or $50 flat rate
$25/$1 monthlyfee -- extension or $40 flat rate
Such as: < >

Access Logs
$25 per month run daily

Additional FTP Accounts:
$10 per month

Additional Domain Names:
$100 setup fee/additional $50 per month
plus $100 to Internic/$50 per year thereafter

Internet Consultation by phone or in person with Dr. Maheu:
$120 per hour

$75 per hour

Contact us to get an individualized quote

*These prices subject to change.

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