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CyberTowers Professional Center
Standard Suites

Package C Includes:

  • 15 mg Storage plus $5 month for every extra 2mg

  • Autoresponder

  • Anonymous FTP

  • Access to numerous CGI scripts

  • One free ad per month - no more than 120 characters + URL

  • Cross-referral opportunities and discounts within CT

  • Two Hours of Setup Consultation with Dr. Maheu

  • Ten Percent DISCOUNT on Custom Logo Creation!

  • Up to 5 forwarding email addresses (these get sent to your existing account for free). Now your company can appear much larger. Setup an account for sales, billing, support, and info!

Total fees: $79.95 per month plus $995 one-time setup fee!

Additional Services*

$75 setup/ $99.95 per 6 months

Secured Transactions:
$100 setup/additional $20 per month + Programming
* requires VeriSign or Thawte digital id

Shopping Cart Program:
$395 for 15 items inclusive; Additional Programming time for 16 items or more

Additional Autoresponder Setup:
$25setup/$2 monthly fee or $50 flat rate

Additional Forwarding Email Setup:
$25/$3 monthly fee -- private domain name extension or $50 flat rate
$25/$1 monthlyfee -- extension or $40 flat rate
Such as: < >

Access Logs
$25 per month

Additional FTP Accounts:
$10 per month

Additional Domain Names:
$100 setup fee/additional $50 per month
plus $100 to Internic/$50 per year thereafter

Internet Consultation by phone or in person with Dr. Maheu:
$120 per hour

$75 per hour

Contact us to get an individualized quote

*These prices subject to change.

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