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H.R. 2015: Balanced Budget Act of 1997 SEC. 4206. Medicare Reimbursement for Telehealth Services

Cyberlaw Website
Includes discussions of copyright, trademark, fair use, encryption, privacy, material stored on your computer, and much more.

State Updates Related to Telemedicine

Newsletter Telemedicine 1996 Vol 1 Telemedicine and Malpractice Old liabilities and New Risks By Lynn Frendt Shotwell

Full text of some current telemedicine legislation:

Telemedicine Federal Legislation 105th Congress
Federal Telemedicine Legislation 105th Congress H R 337 "Managed Care Consumer Protection Act of 1997"

The Comprehensive Telehealth Act of 1997 Statements by Senator Conrad (D-ND) (Senate - March 03 1997)

H R 2015
H R 2015 Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (Engrossed Senate Amendment)

The Comprehensive Telehealth Act of 1997--S 385
"The Comprehensive Telehealth Act of 1997" S 385 Bill Summary

Oklahoma Telemedicine Act of 1997 Full text of this bill.

Oregon Senate Bill 467 Defining the Practice of Medicine Across State Lines

Comprehensive e Telehealth Act of 1997 The new telehealth bill submitted by Senator Kent Conrad to the 105th Congress.

California Telemedicine Bill, s.b. 922 Introduced in February, 1997.

Encryption Bill, s.b. 1133 Introduced in February, 1997.

Thomas Legal Information on the Internet Search by key word or bill number for major legislation.

Telecommunications Act of 1996 Click on Senate Bills, and then click on s.652.

California Telemedicine Development Act of 1996 Click on 'Legislation', click on 'Current Bill Text Search',enter 'telemedicine' as a keyword if you wish to search by keywords, or enter '1665' as the bill number if you wish to search by Bill Number.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Enter H.R.3103 in the Bill/Amendment Search Field. Contains a section on Medicare reimbursement of telemedicine.

Oregon Senate Bill 994 A bill passed in July 1995 which established the Oregon Telecommunications Forum.

Kansas Article 26 Licensing of telemedicine practitioners.

South Dakota HB 1145 Licensing of telemedicine practitioners.

Medical Records Confidentiality Act When you follow this link, enter the bill number "sb 1360" (without quotes) in the query field to access the senate bill.

A Model Act An act to regulate the practice of medicine across state lines.

Other Resources

The Health Law Resource Includes a section on telemedicine and health care informatics.

CHMIS Resource Center's Confidentiality and Privacy PageAn excellent compendium of articles dealing with confidentiality and privacy issues in computerized patient records, including pointers to other telemedicine-related information.

Telemedicine and the Law Arent Fox's website for legal issues related to telemedicine.

American Medical Association recommendations regarding telemedicine Summary of the Council on Medical Education and the Council of Medical Service Joint Report called "The Promotion of Quality Telemedicine".

Note: The Telehealth Office will continue to provide links to important behavioral telehealth & telemedicine legislation. For a more detailed review of these issues as defined by other speciality areas by both state and federal legislation, go to:

Arent Fox Telemedicine and the Law state and federal legislations lists.

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