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Telehealth Professional Mail List

Telehealth is a professional forum for the discussion of telehealth services and technologies. More specifically, telehealth includes the electronic transmission of medical and mental health information between professionals; and between practitioners and patients.

Topics to be discussed on Telehealth:

national and international telehealth law,
telehealth ethics including security and confidentiality,
telehealth usage and demographic data,
technological advances and developments,
positive and negative influences in the lives of users,
new additions to terminology and symbols related to new behavioral patterns resulting from telehealth,
positive and negative influences of current and innovative forms of telehealth technology,
funding resources in both the private and public sectors,
innovative uses of telehealth technology to treat identified disorders,
reviews of resource sites, newsletters, and mail groups related to telehealth,
research into comparative effects of visual and auditory information in consultation and distance learning,
discussion of the role of interpersonal dynamics including defense mechanisms in telehealth technologies,
bandwidth, transmission, and encryption issues,
interface design, hardware and access routes,
medical records design and usage,
comparative role of system integrators and equipment manufacturers,
pilot project design, implementation and outcome assessment.

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Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
Telehealth List Administrator & Owner

B. Hudnall Stamm
Telehealth List Co-Admin

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