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The Federal Telemedicine Gateway

Center for Academic Computing Telemedicine Defined, Reasons for Telemedicine, Telemedicine Resources.

The Center for Telemedicine Law A non-profit organization that focuses exclusively on addressing legal issues that may impede the development of telemedicine.

Department of Defense Calendar, Library, outline of Telemedicine Projects.

Federally-Funded Research in the U.S. has a searchable index of federally funded research (e.g. search for 'telemedicine')

Fletcher Allen Health Care Organizes information for telemedicine initiatives.

Georgia Mental Health Network A website developed by the Medical College of Georgia to provide mental health resources for consumers and mental health professionals in the state of Georgia.

Lockheed Martin Telemedicine Workstation.

National Healthcare Information Infrastructure

Telemedicine Research Center Information Exchange What's New, Legal and Ethical Issues, Current Telemedicine Projects, Products and Services.

Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP) coordinates its efforts with a number of other federal, state and local agencies to promote better health care service in rural America

Telemedicine Resources & Services Grants, Conferences, Equipment & Service Vendors, Research Underway, Government Reports.

Telemedicine Resources Searchable Index of Federally Funded Research, Telemedicine Newsgroup, Compression and Teleconferencing Standards.

Financial Reports

* GAO Report on Telemedicine Investments (2/14/97) The GAO released a report to Congress outlining "the steps the federal government needs to take to realize the full potential of telemedicine." This report also outlines the scope of public and private investments, strategies and benefits/barriers to telemedicine.

* Center for Telemedicine Law (CTL) White Paper on Telemedicine (2/12/97) The CTL White Paper outlines the initial findings and recommendations of its Licensure Task Force.

* Department of Commerce Report on Telemedicine Submitted to Congress On January 31, 1997 the Department of Commerce (DOC), in consultation with the Department of Health and Human Services, submitted a report to Congress on issues related to the use telecommunications technology for Telemedicine. The document also outlines the activities of the href="">Joint Working Group on Telemedicine (JWGT).

* Federal Communications Commission Advisory Committee on Telecommunications and Health Care -- On October 15, 1996, the Advisory Committee on Telecommunications and Health Care released its Findings and R ecommendations." The report summarizes the current state of telemedicine and recommends how to implement the specific telemedicine provisions of the Telecommunications Act.

* Department of Health and Human Services Announces Grants -- On October 7, 1996 HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala announced that the National Library of Medicine, a part of the National Instit utes of Health, was funding 19 telemedicine projects, affecting rural, inner-city, and suburban areas, with a total budget of $42 million.

* Food and Drug Administration - On July 11, 1996 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report which describes the telemedicine activities of its Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). The CD RH has the responsibility of ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical devices used in telemedicine.

* Council on Competitiveness Report - In March 1996 the Council on Competitiveness released a report which analyzes the impact of the National Information Infrastructure on the health care market. The report entitled, "Highway to Health: Transforming U.S. Health Care in the Information Age" contains a case study on licensure issues and a corresponding chart provided by Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin and Kahn. If you link to the actual text of the full report, please be aware that the charts and graphs included in the printed version of the report are not available in the electronic version. Printed copies of the report can be obtained for a fee from the Council on Competitiveness. For more information on this report and others visit the Council on Competitiveness homepage.

*Department of Health and Human Services Press Release - The Department of Health and Human Services recently sponsored a report entitled, "Telemedicine and the National Information Infrastructure (NII): Policy Issues and Recomendations." A press release announcing the report is available.

*Western Governor's Association Telemedicine Action Report. The Western Governors' Association's Telemdicine Policy Review Group recently released six background papers on major barriers to telemedicine. These papers, written by leading experts in the field of telemedicine, were compiled as the "Western Governors' Association Telemedicine Action Report." The report includes an introductory section entitled, "A Vision for Telemedicine," as well as individual reports on the following topics: Infrastructure Planning and Development; Telecommunications Regulation; Reimbursement; Licensure and Credentialing; Malpractice Liability; and Confidentiality.

*Abt Associates Inc. Rural Telemedicine Evaluation. A study to identify and describe rural programs using telecommunications technology to connect primary health-care providers with specialists for patient consultation.

Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP) coordinates its efforts with a number of other federal, state and local agencies to promote better health care service in rural America

To improve the recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural areas, the office supports the National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network. The NRRR assists health professionals locate suitable practices in rural and frontier areas throughout the country. The toll-free number for this network is 1-800-787-2512.

The ORHP/Abt Survey is available at:

General information about the Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) can be found at:

"Lessons Learned" NTIA: Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program is available at:

For more information on FDA telemedicine issues, consult the following web sites:

Proposed FDA classification of medical image management devices, including teleradiology/PACS and other products relevant to telemedicine. The summary of the proposed rule published in the Federal Register is:

The proposed rule itself is available at:

Summary of the September 1996 Software Policy Workshop is available at:

The FDA Report "Telemedicine-Related Activities" is available at: Federal Telemedicine Gateway

Includes the Joint Working Group on Telemedicine Report

U.S. National Library of Medicine
How to find medical information, access to NLM databases, what's new, NLM grant information, and much more.

VA Telemedicine Projects
A listing by state of Veterans Affairs telemedicine projects.

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