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Advertiser's Special with Autoresponder

What's included:

  • A custom designed banner ad
  • A Full Page advertisement
  • A custom autoresponder
  • $120 set up and $39 per month

See a sample Full Page Ad

Banner Ad

We can take your existing artwork and create a 400x60 pixel banner ad to place at the top of your site. If you have artwork in electronic format, just email it to us. If not, then send it via postal mail and we'll begin work as soon as we receive it. We will create a banner for your review, make any changes you specify and then finalize it.

Full Page Ad

A full page advertisement (roughly equivalent to an 8.5 x 11 inch paper) will be created from your text. If you have brochure material or flyers, we can work from this. This will be all text with a hyperlink to your email address. We can add graphics for an extra fee.


A custom autoresponder can be a very handy tool for answering potential customers' questions. We will custom design this for you using your own text. Your autoresponder message can be any length you'd like, however, keep in mind that people will be downloading this as mail.

This package can be very effective for determining whether or not a full web site will work for you. It's inexpensive, provides you with a short web address and gets your product or service noticed. Should you feel a full web site would work for you, you can visit CyberTowers Virtual Offices for a full description.

You can also add extra autoresponders for an extra $15 set up fee, and an extra $5 per month.

If your browser does not support forms, send a message to

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