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CyberTowers Professional Center is the premier, virtual professional center for professionals and executives. From this virtual office building, CT Website owners take advantage of all the Web has to offer to operate a centralized, portable, and powerful office location. We successfully collaborate with associates, network to promote our respective skills and products; and share high technology for very specialized online service and product delivery.

Imagine an organizational Web structure adapted to the specialized needs of professionals and executives online. CyberTowers Professional Center is a select online Web location for all professionals and executives establishing an "online presence" and use their websites as online "offices." From these offices can stem multiple services and products that reach throughout the Internet to other professionals, businesses, and clients in the Global Villiage.

Adjunctive businesses are also invited to locate themselves within CyberTowers. Their function will be not only to offer information, services and products to the online community, but particularly to neighboring businesses and professionals located within CyberTowers.

CyberTowers is a collaborative effort combining the resources of Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D., a Web Developer; Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning WWW e-zine, Self-Help & Psychology Magazine with the resources of large staff of expert HTML/CGI programmers. This electronic magazine serves as the "model office" from which we can demonstrate our technological and professional expertise. Whatever you see in the e-zine can be developed for your website through CyberTowers. Over the next several months, many new features will appear in Self-Help & Psychology, so stay tuned!

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