Domain Names

A. Domains & Keyword Selection Tools

1. Learn about domains and how their advertising works before buying a domain name, or spending money on anything. Much of what you need you can get for free.

2. These keyword selection tools will help you do the above 4 steps to pick powerful keywords for your website or blog:

  • Keyword Elite sells software, but first, try the free tutorial
  • Wordtracker
  • SEO Book
  • Google
  • Go Rank
  • 12 Other Keyword Selection Tools
  • SEO Digger
  • Microsoft tool for determining user’s degree of intent to purchase using specific keywords - very useful to double check the monetization capability of your keyword(s)
  • Microsoft master page for  understanding keywords and their monetization potential

3. Define a niche market. Niches are better than general topics. Look at these resources:

  • Look at the table of contents in previously published books
  • Run a Google Book Search for the type of niche that interests you:
Google Book Search

Another Recommendation: Spare yourself the pain of re-doing your work later, and complete the above tasks before moving forward. I cannot urge you strongly enough to take the time to need to completely identify your most profitable concepts now.

Next, set up the domain names you are considering with an Internet Search Provider (ISP) such as those in Section II.
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