A. Marketing Terms - Glossary

  • MarketingTerms

B. Sales Copywriting and Copywriters

  • Copywriting Issues for Sales Websites
  • Creating Sales Letters and Pages
    • Instant Sales Letters
    • Landing Page Cash Machine
  • Robert Bly
  • Michael Masterson Copyrighting Course
  • Nick Usborne
  • Michael Fortin
  • Elance - to find copywriters
  • Jay Abraham
  • Dr. Joe Vitale
  • Gary Halbert Letters
  • Fred Gleeck
  • Jim EdwardsG
  • Alex Mendossian
    • Text Description of Marketing Services
    • YouTube Video Description

C. Speaking Websites, Postcards, AudioBooks

  • SitePal Avatars
  • Mendossian Audio
  • AudioBooks as MP3 Files
    • SiteSell
    • Audio Editor Comparison Chart - Audio Editor software programs remove delays, ums and other problems.
      • Dexter - easiest to use
      • Goldwave - has advanced features to polish quality of recording
      • Blaze

D. Video Marketing

  • Instant Video Generator
  • Mendossian Video
  • TrafficGeyser

E. Newsletter and Autoresponder Services

  • 1 Shopping Cart
  • Professional Cart Solutions
  • Aweber - my personal favorite because they specialize in delivering mail. They have the highest delivery success rate in the business. They allow split testing for tracking marketing success. They also offer plain text and HTML formatting, and their service is superb.Their website is very difficult to work with, and I’ve wasted many hours with their inefficiencies. I haven’t found any better delivery service, though.
  • Constant Contact
  • NetAtlantic
  • GetResponse

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F. Building Newsletter Email Lists

  • Legal Issues
    • US Federal Trade Commission - Regarding Spam
    • Internet Law Compliance System
  • Services
    • List Opt
    • World Wide Lists
    • Self Improvement Newsletters
    • Coreg Media
    • Directory of Ezines
    • Ezine-dir
  • Spam Issues
    • Avoiding Spam Words
    • Spam Checker

G. Licensing Ideas to Others for Royalties

  • Invent Right 800-701-7993
  • Guthy-Renker Corporation 760-773-9022

H. Become an Expert

  • ProfNet via PR Leads
  • ExpertClick

I. Blogging as Marketing Vehicle

  • What’s a Blog?
  • Escape from Cubiclenation
  • Seth Godin
    • Squidoo
  • Guy Kawasaki
  • What are RSS feeds?
  • More about RSS Feeds
  • Blog SoftwarePrograms
    • - use WordPress for storage
    • Self-install - - use your own website for storage
    • MyBlogLog
    • BlogCatalog
  • Premium WordPress Themes - WordPress has grown to be the fastest developing blog platform. Some programmers are developing novel and exciting themes, and selling them for modest fees rather than giving them away for free. They need to earn a living, too, and their tGhemes are quite superior. A good directory for premium themes is Colorlabs Project.
    • Click below to send me a few dollars of commission when you buy a theme - and I’ll be grateful.

  • Blog Readers allow you to forward all the RSS feeds you find online to one place. That means you can wake up, sit down and read all your favorite blogs, articles. newsletters, discussion posts and much more from one designated website, like Google Reader!
    • Google Reader - quick tour
    • Yahoo
  • Blog Radio - host your own radio talk show
    • BlogTalkRadio - Here you can schedule your show in advance and take advantage of their large audience. You can upload music to automatically kick-off your broadcast. Equipment is easy. Use your telephone and accept phone calls with up to 5 people on the line at the same time. Your call will be automatically recorded, saved on the site and available for download for repurposing later, as in podcasting!
    • Talkshoe - similar in many features to the above. You can have up to 250 active participants, plus thousands of regular online listening audience for this station. When you are finished with your show, you can switch off the recording and continue chatting with your guests.

J. Link Organization, Tracking and Optimizing

  • LinkMachine
  • I Business Promoter - by far, the best link management program I have found, anywhere. PLUS, the support staff is quick to respond, truly helpful, and even better, pleasant to deal with. Two thumbs up on this software and its support team.
  • FREE Search Engine Optimization Ebook
  • Track Who is Linking Back to a Website

K. Marketing Through Affiliates

  • Affiliates Directory
  • Affiliate First
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Affiliate Ranker
  • Affiliate Scout
  • Affiliate Traction
  • Associate Programs
  • Commission Junction
  • ClickBank
  • ClickBank Tools (Must Sign Up For an Account First)
  • InfoBonus
  • LinkConnector
  • ShareaSale
  • Sitesell
  • Large Places to Meet Potential Affiliates
    • Google Groups
    • Yahoo Groups
    • Warrior Forum
  • Large Places to Research Contact Information for Potential Affiliates
    • Alexa
    • Network Solutions

L. Other Free Marketing Options

  • Craigs List
  • MySpace

M. CD Production

  • Kunaki

N. Countdown Timers

  • Count Down Time
  • Online-Stopwatch
  • Time Left

O. Marketing Lists

  • Edith Roman

P. Marketing Makeover

  • Marketing Makeover Generator

Q. Question & Answer Database

  • Ask Database is a web tool that allows you to develop and Q&A database to simplify contact with people who might be interested in participating in your ebook data-gathering project, Virtual Book Tour (where they ask you questions ahead of the Book Tour so you know what your audience wants to hear from you), podcast (so you can tell them when to tune in and get answers to the top 5 questions you get every week) or teleseminar series (so you know what your audience needs to have you address in developing your materials every week.) At organizes your answers in a searchable database as well. Click here for a $1 Special Trial Offer and see the power of this technology for yourself!
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