Reliable Web Hosting

A. Customer Service & Attitudes

Regardless of the company I have chosen over the years, server problems tend to arise with regularity. The most important aspect of getting a web hosting account, then, is customer service.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. HostICan This company offers over 700 templates and they have responsive support, too.
  3. EMIDomains Inexpensive Domains
  4. Lunarpages This is where I have a dedicated server, which means an entire computer is devoted to only my projects. Lunarpages has been great for us, but you might consider it even for a small website. They have terrific support and templates to help you get started.
  5. Hosting known for dedicated and managed servers.
  6. ICDSOFT Highly recommended by an esteemed colleague who said, “websites, unlimited email accounts, and the capacity to have 20 mailing lists. They have true 24/7 support.”
  7. Ipswitch
  8. RackSpace known for dedicated and managed servers, and is highly recommended by another colleague.
  9. ReadyHosting Another site highly recommended by a colleague. Upon review, I found them to be on the high end of inexpensive, bit still inexpensive.
  10. TotalChoiceHosting Another site highly recommended by a colleague, who said, “Cheap and reliable.”
  11. SiteCube
  12. Site Sell Best overall money-making website development service. Online tutorials will take you from brainstorming domain names and keywords, to building and hosting your website right on a sitesell server, to optimal marketing of your services and products. See video. Compare SiteSell to competitors. If you find another site to be better, please let me know.

Websites used to compare web hosts are:

  1. Hosting Review
  2. Hosting-Review

Note the “-” in the second address above.

Hosting company ratings change often. Check these review sites before making any purchases. Of the two above, I prefer the second site, because it gives more information, such as the detailed grid showing the host features on their homepage and full page reviews addressing specific categories in their rating system.

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