Specific Technical Services

A. Telephone Conferencing Lines (Bridge Lines)

  • Free
    • FreeAudioConferencing
    • InstantConference - offers free MP3 of call and call statstics
    • MrConference
    • FreeConferencePro
  • 2. Paid
    • Two Dollar Toll Free Service
    • RentaBridge

B. Business Planning Tools

  • Business Information Resources
  • Free Strategic Business Planner
  • Action Plan Marketing for Service professionals

C. Other Web-based Tools

  • Archived Websites
  • BudURL allows you to replace llong webaddresses with short, anonymous ones, while tracking who visits those web addresses (URLs) with detailed statistics.
  • Country Calling Codes
  • Dictionaries
    • Dictionary
    • OneLook
  • E-Learning Tools
  • Email Delivery Monitor
  • Form Filling
  • FriendFeed allows you to collorate with others to grow lists like thisresource page, or photos, or maps, or whatever, all on one site.
  • Inspirational Thoughts
  • Large File Transfers
  • LettermeLater allows email messages to be sent at a later date and time, either once or on a re-occurring basis.
  • Memo to Self Email Reminders
  • Productivity Tools
  • Quote Search
    • BrainyQuote
    • ThinkExist
    • Great Quotes Movie
  • Screen Capture
  • Shared Desktop
  • Single or Low-volume Books Publishers
    • Lulu
  • Social Networking is best done through Ping.fm, where you can register many of your social networking sites (Twitter, MySpace, Facebook) and social bookmarking websites (Digg, Delcious, etc.) through 1 website, that’s right, 1 website - and whenever you update your Ping.fm account, all your connected websites are automatically updated!! How cool is that?? One-stop posting to notify the world of your activities - or services, or prodcuts.
  • Time Zone Converter
  • Virtual Desktop
    • GoToMyPC
    • LogMeIn
  • Voice Capture
  • Webinar Service - Free trial of GoToMeeting
  • Wikipedia - Online Encyclopedia
  • WinZip
  • World Holiday Calendar
  • Universal Time
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