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  • A New Publication from the Frontier Mental Health Services - Frontier Mental Health Strategies: Integrating, Reaching Out, Building Up, And Connecting Letter to the Field No. 6 by Jack M. Geller, Ph.D., Marshfield Medical Research Foundation; Peter Beeson, Ph.D, Prairie Wind Productions; Roy Rodenhiser, Ed.D., Rochester Institute of Technology (Added: 6-11-98)
  • A New Publication from the Frontier Mental Health Services - The Role of Rural Primary Care Physicians in the Provision of Mental Health Services Letter to the Field No. 5 by Jack M. Geller, Ph.D., Marshfield Medical Research Foundation and Kyle J. Muus, Ph.D., The Center for Rural Health, University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences (Added: 6-11-98)
  • A New Title from the Frontier Mental Health Services Resource - Access To Mental Health Services In Frontier America Letter to the Field No. 4 By Dennis F. Mohatt, M.A., Deputy Director, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (Added: 6-11-98)
  • ATP Update - A newsletter from the University of Alaska Telemedicine Program. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • General Accounting Office Report on "Telemedicine: Federal Strategy is Needed to Guide Investments" - Requires the ability to download and read *pdf files. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • IOS Press - A medical press based in Amsterdam with publications on virtual reality, medical informatics, artificial intelligence, telematics and much more. Click on "Book Series" for information on a medical informatics series. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • Psychological Self-Help - An online 1000 page self-help book. It deals in detail with most psychological problems; searchable, downloadable, cites 2000+ references. Supplements therapy; easy to read, provides excellent handouts to clients. (Added: 6-14-98)
  • Telemedicine Today - A link to the bi-monthly telemedicine publication. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • Telemedicine: A Guide to Assessing Telecommunications for Health Care - An Institute of Medicine Report. (Added: 1-23-98)

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