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  • Emotional/Mental Health Information - For a wide array of mental health information, visit the Emotional/Mental Health section of the Oasis Library (Added: 6-12-98)
  • Forum: Health Communication on - describes the article as presenting "a theoretical rationale for using the Internet to conduct persuasive public health interventions... (Added: 6-12-98)
  • HCFA Telemedicine Report to Congress - The HCFA Telemedicine Report to Congress is available from the Arent Fox Telemedicine home page (Added: 6-11-98)
  • Health On the Net Code of Conduct - codes of conduct related to the Net's medical websites (Added: 6-12-98)
  • Report on Medicare Fraud - Title: Medicare Fraud URL: http://www.Govt-Waste.org/Medicare/Report/execsum.htm Description: Dear Telehealth Colleagues, For an interesting facts and figures to use in writing grant proposals, have a peek at this report on medicare and government health insurance waste.... (Added: 7-11-98)
  • Sexuality and the Internet - Robert Maxwell has just published yet another interesting article at his website. This is an object-relations view Internet-based sexuality, and how it differs in various forms of the Internet. (Added: 6-12-98)

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