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  • Alberta Telehealth Programs - TELUS - Alberta and other Canadian telehealth programs and resources. (Added: 5-23-98)
  • CANARIE - CANARIE Inc. is a not-for-profit, industry-led and managed consortium which was created as an innovative way for the federal government, the research community and the private sector to collaborate in stimulating the development of the Information Highway in Canada. CANARIE's mission is to facilitate the development of Canada's communications infrastructure; stimulate next generation products, applications and services; and, communicate the benefits of an information-based society. (Added: 5-23-98)
  • ETHOS: European Telematics Horizontal Observation Service - Click on TAP (Telematics Applications Programme) for information on telematics in Europe. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • Framework for European Services in Telemedicine (FEST) (Added: 1-23-98)
  • Good European Health Record (Added: 1-23-98)
  • Licensing of Trusted Third Parties for the Provision of Encryption Services Public Consultation Paper (Added: 1-23-98)
  • Ortivus - Ortivus AB is a medical-technology company for advanced information management in emergency medicine with emphasis on cardiac diagnosis. (Added: 3-24-98)
  • Sweden: Mobimed - Telemedicine in Emergency Care - A Mobimed system consists of a number of stationary and mobile units. The stationary units are normally located at hospitals and the mobile units in ambulances or other emergency vehicles. These units exchange information by using a selected telecommunication network. (Added: 3-24-98)
  • The DTI proposals on Encryption - an overview by Richard Clayton (Added: 1-23-98)

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