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  • APA "Services by Telephone, Teleconferencing, and Internet" - American Psychological Association, the APA Ethics Committee revised their 1995 "Services by Telephone, Teleconferencing, and Internet" statement on November 5, 1997 (Added: 6-11-98)
  • Arent Fox Telemedicine Law Website - Complete directory of telemedicine articles, website links to documents and other resources. (Added: 7-2-98)
  • Cyberlaw Website - Includes discussions of copyright, trademark, fair use, encryption, privacy, material stored on your computer, and much more. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • H.R. 2015: Balanced Budget Act of 1997 SEC. 4206 - Medicare Reimbursement for Telehealth Services (Added: 1-23-98)
  • HCFA- DHHS - Use of Internet Technology Involving Beneficiary Identifiable Information - This web page outlines HCFA policies and expectations concerning the use of Internet technology involving beneficiary identifiable information. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • Legislative Alert - Digital Era Copyright Enhancement - For those of you wanting a copyright update, addressing such online issues as fair use, circumvention, distance learning, and first sale (Added: 6-12-98)
  • Medicare Fraud - The Symptoms and the Cure A CAGW Special Report (Added: 5-6-98)
  • Medicare Fraud - Dear Telehealth Colleagues, For an interesting facts and figures to use in writing grant proposals, have a peek at this report on medicare and government health insurance waste, see CITIZENS AGAINST GOVERNMENT WASTE MEDICARE FRAUD: The Symptoms and the Cure A CAGW Special Report http://www.Govt-Waste.org/Medicare/Report/execsum.htm Marlene Maheu (Added: 4-27-98)
  • Newsletter Telemedicine 1996 Vol 1 Telemedicine and Malpractice - Old liabilities and New Risks By Lynn Frendt Shotwell (Added: 1-23-98)
  • State Updates Related to Telemedicine (Added: 1-23-98)

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