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  • Advanced Telemedicine Training - East Carolina University's Advanced Telemedicine Training allows the participant to experience hands-on interactive instruction on developing, implementing, funding, and maintaining a successful telemedicine program. Training Dates:July 20-24;August 17-22; September 21-25; October 19-23; November 16-20; December 7-11. (Added: 6-11-98)
  • Busy Signals - Busy Signals is a FREE weekly Electronic Newsletter for TELEHEALTH NURSES published by CyberHealth Consulting (Added: 6-11-98)
  • Cancer Studies for Determined People - A website for determined people who have cancer. It has summaries of studies of particular interest to consumers. Hosted by a therapist who specializes in cancer issues. (Added: 3-30-98)
  • Group Confidentiality Takes New Meaning Online - In a case where a 5-year old was murdered by her father only 3 of the 200 members of the online group in that forum revealed the situation to authorities. (Added: 6-12-98)
  • Internet Telehealth - Net Savior Foils Suicide, Report from Wired News (Added: 6-11-98)
  • Net Savior Foils Suicide - An American computer buff saved the life of a British woman after spotting her suicide note on an Internet bulletin board (Added: 6-12-98)
  • PC World's Review of Antivirus Software - To protect data you should be using an anti-virus software package designed to detect and disable viruses. The March 1998 issue of PC World reviewed antivirus software and found them to be affordable (around $50), unobtrusive, and effective at finding the latest virus strains. (Added: 6-11-98)
  • Practice Guideline Coalition - Looking for input to the demonstration projects (e.g., supply articles or clinical evidence, recommend panel members) and participate in the coalition building process. The PGC website is located at www.unr.edu/psych/pgc and details about the history of the coalition, and the kinds of evidence that are being requested can be found there. (Added: 6-11-98)
  • Program Offered to Families of Hospitalized Children - A service that is designed to allow families of hospitalized children communicate the patient's status via a self-serve web page. Families without particular technical expertise can enter updates and review "guestbook" entries from any web browser. (Added: 6-11-98)
  • Technical Management of Internet Names - The paper set forth herein, concerning ways to improve technical management of the Internet Domain Name System, is a proposed rule of the Department of Commerce. (Added: 1-31-98)
  • TeleCare International, LLC - BioStats.com - Advanced Communication Information System based on Microsoft Technology - a service of TeleCare International, LLC, Monroe, Louisiana, US (Added: 6-15-98)
  • TeleHealth Information Resources...The List! - This growing list of Conferences, Books, Associations, Forums, Journals, Web sites, and Education was compiled by two Canadians with a passionate interest in telehealth. Heidi Bilas BScN, MSc(A) and Dr. Gordon Atherley. (Added: 5-9-98)
  • The automatic therapist - Play with the automatic therapist online (Added: 6-12-98)
  • WWW Virtual Library: Public Health - A meta-site providing country- and topic-specific public health resources available on the Net. All countries and territories of the world plus 84 selected topics are represented which all together links to thousands of resources. (Added: 5-6-98)

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