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  • American Telemedicine Association - 901 15th Street, NW, Suite 230 Washington, DC 20005-2339 T 202.408.0677 F 202.408.1134 (Added: 5-9-98)
  • Association of Telemedicine Service Providers - The ATSP was created to meet the information, management, and policy needs of health care providers that are, or expect to be, providers of telemedicine services. (Added: 5-9-98)
  • Colorado Psychological Resources - A directory licensed mental health professionals, features therapists by location, insurance company, affiliation, specialty, zip code, and more. (Added: 6-20-98)
  • Department of Defense Telemedicine (Added: 3-24-98)
  • INET'98 Workshop on Internet Network Technology - The Internet Society provides comprehensive training workshops prior to each annual INET conference. (Added: 6-11-98)
  • Information about Technology Training - information about technology training (Added: 6-11-98)
  • International Telemedicine Network, Inc. (ITN) - A joint-venture agreement has been recently signed between UCSF - the University of California Medical Center at San Francisco, (rated one of the ten best hospitals in the USA) and the S.H.R. Group, for the establishment of an international subscriber network for Telemedicine services. (Added: 5-9-98)
  • Medical Association Website - An interesting view into a medical association's website (Added: 6-11-98)
  • NP Central - Information for and about nurse practitioners (Added: 3-24-98)
  • Telemedicine Canada - Electronic Program Schedule (Added: 5-9-98)
  • Telephone Nursing Practice - Standards of Care (Added: 5-9-98)
  • The Association of Telemedicine Service Providers - A telemedicine membership organization. (Added: 1-23-98)

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