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  • California Telehealth/Telemedicine - The vision of The Project is to see that the most efficient and effective telehealth/telemedicine network system(s) possible are developed and coordinated throughout the state of California providing optimal health education opportunities and medical care for all of California's citizens. (Added: 5-23-98)
  • Department of Defense - Calendar, Library, outline of Telemedicine Projects. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • FCC - policy concerning interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. (Added: 3-24-98)
  • Federal Government Statistics - A site listing statistics gathered by over 70 US government agencies. (Added: 5-1-98)
  • Federally-Funded Research - in the U.S. has a searchable index of federally funded research (e.g. search for 'telemedicine') (Added: 1-23-98)
  • Fletcher Allen Health Care - Organizes information for telemedicine initiatives. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • Georgia Mental Health Network - A website developed by the Medical College of Georgia to provide mental health resources for consumers and mental health professionals in the state of Georgia. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • HOST - Healthcare in the 21st Century HOST is a nonprofit consortium created in 1994 to promote the development of information technology to improve healthcare. HOST members cooperate on a variety of innovative projects. (Added: 3-24-98)
  • How to Build a Telemedicine Program - Telemedicine educational programs offered by The University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen Health Care--a top-ten rated telemedicine site. (Added: 7-14-98)
  • PsyBC - PsyBC is an internet-based broadcasting service that produces educational programs for mental health professionals. (Added: 3-24-98)
  • The Center for Telemedicine Law - A non-profit organization that focuses exclusively on addressing legal issues that may impede the development of telemedicine. (Added: 1-23-98)
  • The Federal Telemedicine Gateway (Added: 1-23-98)

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