***--- WORDPRESS ---***
  (Apply the new SHM header)
  -The existing theme was created by semiologic and I just updated some part of it.
     -updated the header.php file under /public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/semiologic/inc/ and added the SHM menu code on "navbar_widget" function
     -updated the style.css file under /public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/semiologic/ and added the styles for "main_menu"
  -To change the favicon go to admin=>settings=>favicon and change the path to your icon
  -I customized the display of each post (tags, bookmarks, comments, etc) and most of them are just widgets/plugins, and they can be managed/edited using the admin panel under one of the following:

***--- PHORUM ---***
    (Apply the new SHM layout)
    - created a new template called shm (/public_html/phorum/templates/shm/). Actually it's just an existing template that I customized.
     -Filename corresponds to the page's name. So if you want to edit the "list" page, go to list.tpl.. to edit the css, go to css.tpl and so on... The index page is index_new.tpl.
    - Don't edit the files unless you know what you are doing. Use the Phorum's built-in functions as much as possible to make things organize.
    - I edited the read.php(under the phorum folder) and commented the line which displays the signature of users (just look for the word signature)

***--- EVENT CALENDAR ---***
     1. Copy the events directory to your server.
     2. Create a database and import the contents from calendar_db.txt.
     3. Go to events/db folder, open db.inc and supply the following values
         $host - your host of course :)
         $dbuser - a user that has an access to your database
         $dbpass - your user's password
         $dbname - database name

         That's it!

   Cron Job:
   *You must have knowledge on Cron Job*

   One of the Event's Calendar functionality is to be able to send email to people who agrees to remind them after 3 months as of their last addition.
   To cater this, I created a script that checks for events where "reminder" was set, if true then an email will be sent.

     This is the cron script I made on the cpanel
00 00 * * * /usr/local/bin/php ~/public_html/events/cron/toBeMailed.php >> ~/public_html/events/cron/mailed.txt

     --- 00 00 * * * -> time of script execution (12 am server time)
     --- /usr/local/bin/php -> calls the php of the server
     --- ~/public_html/events/cron/toBeMailed.php -> the script to be run
     --- ~/public_html/events/cron/mailed.txt -> the output file

     *this is just a sample, customize it according to your installation set-up

   *Users can add events using the 'add event' page. These events need to be approved by the admin before it can go live and appear on the main page.
  *All info regarding a specific event will be displayed on the Event Detail page.
  *Users are given a variety of options upon adding an event. These includes hiding of email in public, signing up to newsletters and a reminder to go back after 3 months to add another event.
  *RSS Feeds are also available

    --Admin Panel--
    *Events can be Approved, Moved to Pending Status or Removed on "Manage Events" page. Approval of an event triggers a script that sends email to all users informing that a new event has been added.
    *On the same page, Event's content can be edited or be emailed to users as an announcement.
    *Everyday, at 12 midninght - server time, a script is being run by the cron to check if there are reminders needed to be sent and to which user

***--- DRUPAL (Articles)---***
- Please refer to the documentation

***--- STATIC PAGES ---***
     - Phorum and Wordpress are not included here
     - Drupal is not static but is included because it needed external functions, specifically the sidebar-block functionalties.
     - For static pages I created "genLayoutFiles" folder. It contains all the needed files like images, css, javascript and php functions
     - Each department has its own genLayoutFiles, this is to make things organize and more flexible. You can customize a department without compromizing the layout of the other departments.

***--- LINK MACHINE ---***
Link Machine's url: http://www.selfhelpmagazine.com/resources/linkmachine/linkmachine.php then login as admin

Please have the Site Settings (Main=>Change Settings=>Site Settings) changed because some of the texts there may not be correct and I only did it for testing.

Generate Link Pages(Main=>Generate Link Pages) creates pages and files on the directory that you have specified on Site Settings(Main=>Change Settings=>Site Settings) using the template and colors you choose on Link Page Format (Main=>Change Settings=>Link Page Format).
To add/manage link categories go to Main=>Change Settings=>Link Categories

The template I made was named SHM.
Our current Link Page is http://www.selfhelpmagazine.com/resources/resources.html

I have scheduled a cron job (every 15 mins) on cpanel as instructed in Automation Settings (Main=>Change Settings=>Automation Settings). It is needed to make the enabled option for automation to run.
These are just the basic things need to be done in order to have a Link Page set-up. There are other settings and options available on the admin panel for SEO, Emails and Links.