Welcome to Pioneer Development Resources, Inc.
We are dedicated to developing Internet services through a variety of educational websites. They include:
BoomHome - a retirement community rating and social networking website.
CyberTowers - a website development and hosting service.

Self-help Magazine - the world's first mental health portal developed by professionals volunteering education and social networking to hundreds of thousands of individuals monthly.

TelehealthNet - a social networking site for professionals seeking information about telehealth associations, conferences, publications, risk management, and technology.

Professional Email Discussion lists:

DistanceLearning - for the discussion of mental health related Distance Learning services, practices and technologies.

NetPSY - for discussion of Internet Psychology by all mental health professionals.

PsyFORUM - for discussion of professional issues by psychologists and graduate students.

PsyBUS - for discussion of entrepreneurial approaches to the business of psychotherapy by mental health professionals & colleagues.

Telehealth - for the discussion of telehealth ethics, laws, research, risk management, services and technologies.

The TelehealthNews. A monthly publication summarizing key postings made to the Telehealth listserv, described above.

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Consumer Email Newsletters:
Boomhome Post - The BoomHome email newsletter devoted to keeping retirees informed of the latest trends, features and opportunities in retirement communities.

The SelfhelpMagazine Newsletter - The SelfhelpMagazine Newsletter is a free e-mail "sample" of resources related to self-help and psychology. It services thousands of readers worldwide. Every issue will bring to you comprehensive articles written by top level professionals, access to our bookstore for the latest in publications, and access to our Discussion Forums where thousands of people discuss their lives anonymously.

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