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Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

Dr. Marlene M. Maheu

Dr. Maheu is the President and CEO of Pioneer Development Resources, Inc. As such, she is the Founder and has been the Editor-in-Chief of SelfhelpMagazine since its inception in November of 1994. SelfhelpMagazine, is an award winning online electronic-zine. It is peer reviewed and holds contributions from hundreds of professionals, and has one of the largest and most active online communities in the world. Featured in the Best 100 Website lists of magazines such as Web Magazine, it has been highlighted in the Utne Reader, USA Today, US News and World Report, the Miami Herald, the LA Times, and many more publications.

Dr. Maheu was particularly delighted to have SelfhelpMagazine representing new development in mental health technologies at President Clinton's 1997 Inauguration, where it was sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health. As Editor-in-Chief of SelfhelpMagazine, Dr. Maheu oversees a volunteer staff of over 75 regular authors, programmers, and artists. She also provides access to tried and true web designers for the professional community through CyberTowers Professional Center.

Dr. Maheu also developed and manages the Telehealth.Net website, where web users can find behavioral telehealth and e-health articles, reference lists for researchers, slides from numerous presentations related to e-health and telehealth, a videoconferencing room construction manual, a free email newsletter, web links and resources, surveys, a calendar of events for practitioners seeking telehealth and e-health training, an open chat room for experimentation by professionals, a private discussion list, and much more.

Professionals and consumers alike can benefit from other FREE email forums developed and co-administered by Dr. Maheu:

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Psychologist/Activist: Dr. Maheu is a Licensed Psychologist in San Diego, California (PSY#11921). To help advance her profession through technology, Dr. Maheu served the American Psychological Association's Division 46 Co-chairperson for the Task Force for Media. She served as the Telehealth and the Telehealth Liaison for Women through APA Division 35. She also served as Cluster Representative for APA Division 35, helping to prepare for a new vision at annual conventions. She has served as a Content Expert to the APA's Telehealth Institute, and has completed a 3-year term as a member of the APA Committee on Professional Practice Standards (COPPS).

Locally, she served the California Psychological Association in three roles. She is a member of the Division of Media and Technology, the Committee for Continuing Education, and the Task Force for Innovation in Psychology. She has been recognized by the California Psychological Association with the Division of Media, Technology and Communication, Jacqueline Bouhoustsos, Ph.D. Award For Contribution to Media Psychology, 1999.

Speaker: Dr. Maheu organized and delivered e-health and telehealth presentations for various professional organizations. She addressed topics related to healthcare and technology, Internet and telehealth ethics, development of professional websites, and Internet consumer issues. Her consumer-oriented topics included how to maximize the use of Internet communities, protection of privacy and confidentiality, and Internet infidelity. She is also the former Director of Telehealth and E-health for Alliant University. Contact her email her to speak to your organization.

Author: Dr. Maheu is the lead author of "E-Health, Telehealth & Telemedicine A Guide to Startup and Success." It is co-authored by Pamela Whitten, Ph.D. and Ace Allen, M.D. and was published in February of 2001 by Jossey-Bass, Inc. Publishers. For information, see this description and comments from leaders in healthcare, business and administration.

Her second book, "Infidelity on the Internet", is co-authored with Rona Subotnik, MA, and was published in 2001 through Sourcebooks, Inc.

Her third book, titled "The Mental Health Professional and the New Technologies" was co-authored with Myron Pulier, M.D., Joseph McMenamin, M.D., Esq., Frank Wilhelm, Ph.D, and Nancy Brown-Connolly, RN, MSN. It was published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., in 2005.

Consultant: Dr. Maheu offers consultation to individuals, groups, and organizations interested in developing ethical and fiscally responsible telehealth and e-health services. Her expertise includes behavioral telehealth, e-counseling ethics and practicalities, videoconferencing, website content management, website staff development and e-commerce opportunities for healthcare professionals.

For more information, send her an email or telephone 858-277-2772.


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