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Self-Help & Psychology Magazine, located at http://cybertowers.com/selfhelp/, is an award-winning online electronic-zine with over 40,000 monthly readers. This online compendium of self-help and psychology information has been developing since 1994. It was conceived as PDR's first step in linking professionals and consumers through technology. It serves as a focal point and key component for PDR's other applications related to mental health. It is the oldest and largest consumer website online, bringing to life the skills of over 65 multi-disciplinary professionals who comprise its completely volunteer staff. In addition, regular contributions by numerous other professionals from nations spanning the globe help provide one of the Internet's most comprehensive sources for behavioral health information. The Self-Help & Psychology Search Engine serves as a link to most other mental health resources available in the Global Community.

SH&P was invited to represent new development in mental health technologies at President Clintons' recent Inaugural Expo, held at his January 1997 Inauguration. SH&P was honored to be selected to accompany the National Institute of Mental Health to showcase their websites in the Technology Tent on the Mall in Washington, D.C. As founder of this project, Dr. Maheu oversees a volunteer staff of over 65 editors, programmers, artists, and support individuals. She now serves as Editor-in-Chief for the e-zine.

CyberTowers Professional Center

Cybertowers Professional Office Center is the premier, virtual professional center for professionals and executives. From this virtual office building, CT Website owners take advantage of all the Web has to offer to operate a centralized, portable, and powerful office location. We successfully collaborate with associates, network to promote our respective skills and products; and share high technology for very specialized online service and product delivery.

These two innovative examples serve as specialized applications of technology to bridge the distance between consumers and professional services currently being developed by PDR:

Distance Learning Center
This center is the hub of learning activities through email, IRC, website and video conferencing applications. Courses for both the public-at-large and licensed professionals wanting continuing education units are being developed. Our initial offerings will involve the use of Online Classrooms, varying in length over several weeks, depending upon the topic covered. In a few months, we will be offering audio and video-conferencing courses online. Faculty for this center include numerous professionals from CyberTowers Professional Center, Staff Members of the Self-Help & Psychology Magazine, as well as other special invited guests.

Website Development for Special Populations:
PDR is working in a partnership with large non-profit associations to combat social and medical problems such as tobacco use in teens. PDR is creating a technological bridge for reaching young people by accessing teen creativity in music, art design, and webpage programming to learn about their physical and psychological well-being. Young people of various ethnic and racial backgrounds can now learn new behaviors and new attitudes by having their interest in technology channeled into proactive behaviors related to smoking. Tobacco use has repeatedly been identified as a gateway drug to other drugs. Tobacco and other substance abuse create our nation's number one health problem, killing more Americans than all other health problems combined.

Pioneer Development Resources, Inc. is dedicated to using technology to reduce the negative societal impact of substance abuse and other health and mental health problems. Strategic partnerships will be the key to success in multimedia approaches to low-cost health solutions. To explore your potential involvement with any of these pioneering projects or other innovations, contact PDR.

Pioneer Development Resources Contacts:
Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
Owner and President

Barry Gordon, Ph.D.
Director of CyberTowers Distance Learning Center

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