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PDR holds strategic alliances with the industry's leading video conferencing developers to create interfaces to meet specialized needs in the health and mental health industries. Numerous pilot projects in telemedicine have reduced the cost of health care without reducing the quality of care. The PDR product line includes specialized development of video conferencing interfaces for healthcare clients such as insurance companies, hospitals, physician and other practitioner groups.

Benefits of video conferencing in these industries

  • greater accessibility for all individuals, especially for the homebound or those in remote locations

  • delivery of group education and intervention in remote areas

  • significant cost savings of healthcare dollars as a result of early detection and prevention of disease

  • improved productivity and reduced personnel costs in healthcare settings

  • Integration of psychological assessment tools into video conferencing technologies to deliver seamless intervention strategies to populations in distant sites

  • expert and knowledge-based system for standardization for diagnosis and treatment

  • easy access to continuity of care post-discharge, thereby extending the benefits of treatment and preventing recidivism

  • easy creation of text-based and video records of all patients contacts, thus facilitating accurate medical records

Specific Applications of Video Conferencing

PDR is developing technology for patient management in remote locations for specialized populations with special needs. Examples include:

  1. Mental Health - PDR is developing electronic applications to promoting mental well being and fostering psychological strengths in patients and families struggling with mental illness. Methods include teaching coping and problem-solving techniques, social interaction and anger management in a group format, positive reinforcement, behavior modification techniques, and basic skill enhancement for living and working.

  2. Medication Management - PDR is developing specialized electronic interfaces to assist professionals and patients by increasing access to specialized information and consultation regarding medication education and side-effect management. Easy access to specialized information and consultation regarding medication education and side-effect management.

  3. Healthcare Information - PDR is developing electronic tools to reach directly into homes and facilities to provide convenient, individualized healthcare information and support to caregivers. These caregivers can then better cope with the demands of caring for persons with chronic, disabling conditions. By using electronic linkages, they can immediately find up-to-date solutions, resources, educational classes and support in either individual or self-help group formats. PDR is integrating these technologies for efficient use by family members or care-giver staff who need user-friendly tools.

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