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Why would you be interested in our magazine?

Quality, Uniqueness, and Award Winning

Initiated in 1994, we are completely volunteer developed and maintained, with a current staff of over 75 professionals.

We offer free information to a largely consumer readership spanning the globe, and interacting with us regularly through a variety of services available on many of our 2000+ pages. For a sampling of what they have to say about us, please drop into our Guest book and peek at what readers have written to us over the last several months. To get a sense of their geographic diversity, be sure to check their countries of origin.

We are primarily a scientific research-based publication with a mission of delivering easily-understood solutions to daily living problems. Our topics are chosen according to reader traffic patterns upon our pages, with those pages receiving the most traffic also given additional space by offering Question and Answer format for quick possible solutions to problems posed by some of our readers. We do not offer psychotherapy. Composite questions are formed, and answers are given to only a select few questions posed by readers. They are given a full explanation of this practice in our magazine. The Ethical Principles accepted and published by the American Psychological Association serve as the guiding principles of this project.

In addition, our materials are kept brief to maximize the potential of this medium, and not burden our readers with too much scrolling. Our pages are also optimized to allow access by the visually impaired, people with low-end browsers, and slow modems. We attempt to give access to as many people as possible, regardless of their equipment and abilities.

We have received a numerous well-respected awards recognizing the excellence of our site and its contribution to the World Wide Web.

Easy Access To Your Target Audience

One of the advantages of a magazine on the Internet is the ability for the sponsor to provide instant information to consumers interested in their products or services. Other media require the consumer to switch media and thereby "break the spell." So sponsors with psychology/self-help products and services to offer can target their prospective consumers through our magazine.

A First Class Staff

We have a varied and proficient staff of over 70 professionals with much to offer our readership regarding numerous areas of applied and clinical psychological and mental health research. Our readership consists of consumers and mental health professionals. Professionals report to us that they frequently copy our articles to give to their patients as practical handouts during the course of treatment.

For more information about how you can help sponsor our publication and services, please write to our Sponsorship Department.


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