Computer Assisted Nature Scenics

created from scratch and entirely within Paint Shop Pro. Digitoils are not scanned photos nor are they "computer generated" images. Each Digitoil is an "on-screen" painting done in a manner very similar to the "Wet Canvas" technique as taught by Bob Ross via "The Joy of Painting".

The painting below is from my on-line exhibit at the Web's Edge.

There you will also find a ten step tutorial on how a Digitoil is made.

"Kele Coast"

I have been an oil painting for over 20 years and a computer user of late. I've tried many paint/draw programs in an effort to do my paintings on the computer, but could not find software that didn't cost an arm and a leg or required a big computer and alot of time to learn, until I tried some software I had been sitting on for a few years- Paint Shop Pro.

By using primarly two tools (the sprybrush and pushbrush) I am able to paint on screen very much as I paint my "real" paintings. These Digitoils have proved to be a great way for me to test color combinations, composition, and technique that I can incorporate into my real paintings. And they dry real fast too.

Since these Digitoils are "studies", I do not sell them but offer them to the cyber-traveler for viewing pleasure. You are free to use them, I ask only for due credit and/or a link back to my exhibit.

However I do sell my real paintings (locally) and I'm considering ways to offer them via the Internet.

-Al Dawson

Also at the Web's Edge: El Club de los Gringos -An "unofficial" web site of the Venezuelan TV show "El Club de los Tigritos" (the Little Tigers Club).