Linda B. Cole

Webmaster/Internet Support Specialist

Highly experienced Webmaster/Internet Support Specialist
seeks a challenging opportunity leading to growth.

Background encompasses 3 years of diversified experience as Webmaster, Internet Consultant and HTML Technician

Internet Consultant with demonstrated expertise in the following:
End-User Training/Instruction
Problem Identification/Resolution
Installation, Documentation
Strong Troubleshooting Skills
  • Experienced in the analysis of customer needs; able to sort out the essentials of any assignment, define overall project requirements and achieve goals.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in all facets of web design, internet and application implementation. Diagnostically thorough, astute and results-oriented.
  • Self-directed; able to prioritize projects, set schedules and deadlines. Able to assess potential problem areas and implement solutions.
  • Skillful communicator; able to coordinate one-on-one and group training sessions. Provide instruction and orientation in all areas of the WWW and Internet.
  • Websites meticulously planned and researched prior to layout and design with a maintenance program being established, to insure that the site remains current in the face of ever-changing web design capabilities.


  1. September 97 - present: Editorial Associate/Webmaster
    • Web Developer's Virtual Library ( A Mecklermedia Site )
    • Lanham, MD, USA
    • Duties:
      • Introduce authors to The WDVL's style, procedures and standards (e.g. insistence on valid HTML) and guide them through to final publication.
      • Edit article submissions
      • Verify technical aspects of articles
      • Insure quality control
      • Author content
      • Annotate resources and articles.
    • References: Alan Richmond & Lucy Richmond
  2. September 96 - Present: Designer/Webmaster/Author
    • Dickson County Website
    • Dickson, TN
    • Duties: Designed and maintain site as well as research and author content for the genealogical resource housed on this site. Jumping off point for the genealogy section is the Community Center.
  3. November 95 - March 98: Design/Webmaster
    • Ronnie Holden Insurance Agency
    • Flintstone,GA
    • Duties:Designed the original website, initiated a maintenance program to ensure the site remains current in both content and new technology.
    • Reference: Ronnie Holden
  4. October 96 - present: Webmaster/Director of Graphic Design
    • Self-Help & Psychology Magazine div. of Pioneer Development Resources Reno,NV
    • Duties:Supervise site, innovated the design staff program thereby increasing productivity; introduced inter-active areas to the zine, as well as restructured marketing and promotional strategy to achieve increased traffic.
    • Reference: Marlene Mahue, Ph.D.
  5. January 97 - March 98: Designer/Webmaster
    • Walker Co. GA, Chamber of Commerce
    • Flintstone, GA
    • An offshoot of, the Walker Co. Chamber site was established in Jan.97.
    • Duties: Integrated text content and photos into a visually pleasing and informative digital version of the Chambers magazine. Provided site promotion and established maintenance program.
    • Reference: Ronnie Holden
  6. July 97 - August 98: Designer
    • Three Springs at Duck River
    • Hickman County, TN
    • Duties: Defined objective and conceptualized strategy for site development at the same time eliminating non-essentials to cut overhead.
    • Reference: 3Springs
  7. April 97: Designer
    • Fire Station 12
    • Tulsa, OK
    • Site construction terminated
    • Duties: Research and author website, utilize javascript to enhance the 'kids only' section, create custom graphics to enhance over-all visual structure of the site.
    • Reference: J. Mike McAllister


The HTML Writers Guild
International Webmasters Association
Webmaster' Guild


  1. Putting Style Sheets In Perspective An ongoing series covering CSS2, it's structure and how to 'make it work' with HTML. (June 1998 - )
  2. Introduction to PSP 5 A 45 page 'how-to' article on the Jasc Software, Inc graphic program Paint Shop Pro 5. (April 1998)
  3. Purloining and Pilfering An article on graphic and bandwidth theft, how to tell if someone is stealing from you, and what to do about it. (November 1997)
  4. Abstract Dimensions: 5th Dimension The new Tip site for Paint Shop Pro 5. This site includes a "Photo Retouching" series. (February 1998 - )
  5. Abstract Dimensions : 4th Dimension Extensive tutorial site for PSP 4.x covering everything from basics to advanced image manipulation. This site averages between 500 and 800 visitors (not hits) daily. (1996-1998)


In-depth knowledge of all facets of web design.

Incorporation of the latest technology to create an effective internet presence for both businesses and community groups.

Originated online coursework for a web-based distance learning center
that uses web-IRC to communicate in real time with students.

Visual enhancement achieved through the use of custom designed graphics.

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