Sherry Lynn Obenauer

Sherry Lynn Obenauer has earned one masters degree in gerontology from the University of Waterloo and another masters degree in counseling psychology from the University of Calgary. Her thesis in gerontology was titled, "Relationships Between Health, Occupation, and Cognition." She has completed a comprehensive writing diploma from Quality of Course, Ottawa, Ontario, an outdoor living skills certificate, and First Aid/CPR certificates for humans and animals.

She works as a freelance writer and has published a articles on a number of topics including, aging, poetry, psychology, politics, pets, humor, teen issues, short stories, and biographies. She is currently working on a book about a WWII veteran who drove a tank for the Canadian army. She also works as an animal care technician at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, where she is responsible for rehabilitating injured and/or orphaned wildlife. She volunteers at ARF (animal rescue foundation) as the cat section writer, Kerby News (senior's newspaper) as a writer, and MEOW (make each one wanted) which is an organization that finds loving homes for abandoned and homeless street cats.

Sherry has a wide variety of interests and enjoys playing ballhockey and football, hiking, reading, music, learning, and has a brown belt in Wado Kai karate. She has also taken a couple of acting classes as she has always loved to act and also loves taking photographs of wildlife and nature. Her travels include flying to Puerto Vallarta and Maui over the past three years as well as flying to Belgium, France, Germany, and Holland while with the Calgary Stampede Showband. Sherry is passionate about nature and wildlife, equality, writing, and physical fitness. Sherry owns four cats, a love bird, a mouse, and a black bear hamster, but has owned all types of pets at one time or another including geckos, snakes, rabbits, frogs, and gerbils. At this time, she is trying to master the art of video game playing since having received a Playstation for her birthday several months ago. Please direct any questions or feedback to Sherry at 403-239-8965 and leave an email address where you may be reached.

Articles written by Sherry Lynn Obenauer for SelfhelpMagazine:

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