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Dreaming On Commercial Carriers

by Richard Wilkerson


John Herbert's SeniorNet Dream Sharing Groups. Conducted in a variation of the Ullman/Zimmer style of dreamwork. Contact John at jherbert@sunvalley.net These are really wonderful dream groups and I consider John the grandfather of Dreaming Online. (We have no fathers or mothers in cyberspace) John's groups were later modeled by other's all over the Internet. Be sure to see his Dream Group Sample Session

Jeremy Taylor's Dream Program : Daily DREAM SHOW with Jeremy Taylor on America On Line. Start your morning with cyberdreamwork! Former ASD president Jeremy Taylor has expanded his AOL dream show to Monday-Friday. Show time 6:00 am Pacific or 9:00am Eastern. Share a dream or tune into his comments about working with dreams, If you can't be there in person, you can post your dream on his electronic bulletin board. Sign on to AOL, use Keyword: HUB chose Enter and to Channel Zero, go to Program Guide and pick DreamShow.
Sometimes the show is in the main auditorium. Go to the main chat area, look in the program guide for daily events and find the schedule of who is on. Have questions? You can e-mail the Taylors at ktaylor597@aol.com

Donna Campos holds chat room discussions each week at the Dream Studio. Monday Nights 10:00 EST in the New Age Forum B. Variety of Guests. See issues of Electric Dreams and Global Dreaming News for the guests and schedules.

MSN (Microsoft Network):
Dr. Strange Hosts the Paranormal Chat on the Microsoft Network on Thursdays from 7-9 PM PDT. To find the Chat room, go to "Classic MSN" (MSN now has a new format available for free on CD ROM), and use the Go to word ...AlienChat. Topics usually focus on lucid dreams, OBEs, or other paranormal occurrences Dr Strange also includes a number of practical, how to, handouts in the Lucid Dreamer's Library(Go to word ..AlienDream) on topics such as Lucid Dreams, OBEs, AAEs, Mutual Dreams, Healing Dreams, Hypnagogia, and Incubation techniques. You can contact Dr Strange at DoctorStrange@msn.com


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