Mythology and Dreams


Some say that dreams are personal myths and myths are cultural dreams. In modern dreamwork myths are ancient stories from a culture's sacred history that are revived as modern metaphors which can amplify and deepen our use and understanding of dream imagery.

For understanding how ancient myths can significantly enhance one's life, I highly recommend Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces. It is also a wonderful introduction to mythology and especially as it is used by Jungians. For a little more his series I suggest the Masks of God. All these have recently been re-released and are readily available.

There are two wonderful video collections now on Joseph Campbell, the most popular is an interview style with Bill Moyers called the Power of Myth and the other is a longer class like presentation called Transformations of Myth through Time. They are readily available in North America at local video stores for rental as well. I suggest with both of these that you have your dreams ready as you read or watch them!

To begin you online search of Joseph Campbellology, try the Joseph Campbell Home page Great for bibliography as well as classes, seminars and foundation issues.

Another great beginning mythology series is by the late Mircea Eliade, A History of Religious Ideas which traces the great mysteries from the Stone age through Christianity.

Self Guided Field Trip: If you are familiar with how to access Usenet, I suggest that you take a trip to alt.mythology, where there is an attempt to re-interpret mythology in modern day meanings. I feel there is a slight bias toward the light and New Age thought,and often it becomes a place to argue about Dungeons and Dragons issues, but beyond this is a developing community of myth concerned individuals focused on the patterns of meaning and value through myths and mythic symbols.

If you want to explore the world of mythology via the web, I suggest starting with, A great place to find a collection of resources on mythology not only on the web, but individual mail lists dealing with various cultural mythologies.


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