Nightmare Books Recommended by ASD

Wiseman, Ann Sayre (1986, 1989). Nightmare help. A guide for adults and children. Ten Speed Press.

Krakow, Barry, and Neidhardt, Joseph (1992). Conquering bad dreams and nightmares. Berkeley Books.

Hartmann, Ernest (1984). The Nightmare: The Psychology and Biology of Terrifying Dreams. Basic books.

More on Nightmares

Cushway, Delia, and Sewell, Robyn (1992). Counseling with dreams and nightmares.Sage publications.

Kellerman, Henry (Ed.) (1987). The Nightmare: Psychological and Biological Foundations. Columbia University Press.

Lazar, Moshe (Ed) (1983). The Anxious Subject: Nightmares and Daymares in Literature and Film. Undena.

Downing, J., and Marmorstein, E. (Eds.) Dreams and Nightmares: A Book of Gestalt Therapy Sessions. New York: Harper and Row, 1973.


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