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Dream Groups- Peer groups in the United States. Listed each issue of Dreamnetwork Journal by local area. or send for: The Art of Dreamsharing & Developing Dream Groups
The Dream Network offers this 44 page booklet of valuable information and ideas. The Art of Dreamsharing... contains the best articles from our publication's history on ethics, hints and insights for dreamsharing... both one-on-one and in dream groups. $6.95 per copy (includes P&H). P.O. Box 1026,Moab, UT 84532 #800 Subscription Line: (800) 861-3732

ASD Pamphlet on Starting A Dreamsharing Group. Send a self addressed stamped envelope with $1.00 to ASD How to start a dreamgroup pamphlet
P.O. Box 1600
Vienna, VA 22183
Phone: (703)-242-0062 Fax:(703)-242-8888

Dream and Dreaming resources in the United States. Send a self-addressed,stamped envelope to:
Dream Resource List
C/O Jill Gregory
Novato Dream Library
PO BOX 866
Novato, CA94948

Dream & Dreaming Resources on the Internet. Send $1.00 and a self-addressed,stamped envelope to: Dreamsharing in Cyberspace
List C/ORichard Wilkerson
4644 Geary Blvd, STE 171
San Francisco, CA 94118

Other Dream Sharing References:

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