by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C

Part Eight

Using Affirmations

Affirmations are an important aspect of success in ending a lifetime of overeating and many other unwanted behaviors.

A full month of following a new behavior is necessary to begin to establish new patterns and change a habit or mindset.

The new affirmation behavior in your Triumphant Journey is to say selected affirmations out loud three times every morning.

Repeating personally relevant affirmations on a regular basis for a month can help free your mind of negative thinking. Your thinking and sense of yourself can then begin to grow and expand in a healthy creative way. Stating affirmations can also help you accept your continually developing strengths and self knowledge.

This section contains 134 affirmations. Choose which ideas seem most appropriate for you.

Choose affirmations if after reading them you think:

"If I really believed that, my life would be a lot better."
"I wish my life were like that."
"That's too good to be true."

Method: Choose one, three or five affirmations.

Read them out loud every morning three times.

  1. Read out loud once as you stand in one place. This prepares your inner self to receive the affirmation.
  2. Read out loud once as you walk around a room or outdoor area. This helps ground the meaning into your body and also makes the thought and feeling familiar and comfortable in particular and different environments.
  3. Read out loud once in front of a mirror, looking at your reflection as you speak. This helps you see yourself listening and helps you accept the strength and awareness you are giving yourself.

Do this every morning for one month.

At the end of one month, add new affirmations to your list. You may subtract any affirmations you did the preceding month. Or, you may continue on with any of them. You will have a sense of what you need to do as you become engaged in the process.

Here is a list of 134 affirmations from which to choose. Feel free to add to your personal list at any time.

(If you find or create affirmations of particular value to you, please send them to SelfhelpMagazine, and we will consider adding them to this list.)


Know Thyself
Nothing In Excess

1. I happily nourish my body and receive full satisfaction from moderate meals daily.
2. I welcome all my feelings knowing they guide me to my true self.
3. I deserve love and respect as I am.
4. I enjoy excellent health.
5. I have abundant energy.
6. I enjoy the colors, smells, and feel of life around me.
7. I am confident in the workings of my mind.
8. I am trustworthy. I can rely on me.
9. I say "yes" only when I mean it.
10. I say "no" when I feel it and mean it.
11. I am efficient and creative in my work.
12. I have ample time to relax and enjoy life.
13. I am lovable.
14. I delight in learning. I take classes and read books on subjects new to me.
15. I invite friends to join me in simple pleasures.
16. I read aloud from my Triumpant Journey Journal and accept all my experiences as valid.
17. I learn more about my value and inner life every day.
18. I honor my mind, my body and my spirit every day.
19. I give myself respect and encouragement to grow as a kind and loving person.
20. I stand up for what I believe.
21. I am honest to myself and other people.
22. I know how to care for myself.
23. I can forgive.
24. I can love.
25. I am free.
26. I am getting better and better in every way.
27. Creativity is a blessing I accept.
28. I am generous with my creativity, myself and others.
29. I tolerate my feelings, think, decide and then act or not act in the best interest of all concerned, caring for myself and my loved ones.
30. I accept God/Goddess's help unfolding my life.
31. Courage unifies me.
32. I know what I know.
33. I shift from a limiting mental state to a limitless mental state easily and consistently.
34. I can find peace in myself.
35. I know when to let go and move on.
36. I explore where my creativity and bliss lead me.
37. I use anxiety to create.
38. I get adequate rest, exercise and nourishment.
39. I love my firends and family.
40. My friends and family love me.


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