by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C

Part Two


Are You An Overeater? A Check List.

Your doctor, friends, family, nutritionist and calorie tables may describe your eating as too much, too little or strange. They may describe it as healthy and within reasonable limits. Only you know the details of your eating habits and the influence food has in your life.

Do any of these food related statements describe your experience?


I eat meal portions larger than necessary.
I eat privately before eating publicly to disguise how much I eat.
I'm a "grazer," eating throughout the day and evening.
I eat alone after being with friends or coworkers.
I crowd my mind with thoughts about food.
I starve myself for hours or days to create guilt free eating time.
I binge. (Classically binge eating involves massive eating in a short period of time. But while a quart of ice cream may be a binge to one person a small dish may be a binge to another. If you think or feel you binge, that self defined binge behavior is something to explore.)
I vomit or use laxatives to ride myself of food I've eaten.
I exercise regularly and specifically to burn up calories from what I think is too much food.
I have some private rituals regarding certain foods.

The thread which runs through these behaviors is that you are eating for reasons other than food hunger. In addition, if eating ranks among the most satisfying emotional or stress reducing experiences in your life, you may be living with too many unsatisfying relationships with people.

Why you live this way may be a secret even from you. Understanding the link between your undesirable eating habits and neglected aspects of your personal life can help free you from overeating.


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Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C., licensed by the State of California in 1980, is a Marriage, Family, Child Counselor (License #15563). She has a private practice in Los Angeles where she works with adult individuals and couples. She specializes in working with people with eating disorders and with people who are trying to understand and help a loved on who has an eating disorder.

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