by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C

Part One

Part One This section gives you some background about Joanna Poppink and explains why most diet programs don't work.

Part Two helps you discover if you are an overeater and explores some rewards of being free from an eating disorder.

It describes what powerful emotional and life challenges must be confronted as your eating patterns become appropriate to your health and well being.

It describes personal qualities in your Essential Equipment List that are necessary in your journey to be free of overeating.

Part Three is designed to help you stop overeating. By following this guide you can improve your relationship with food and yourself. You can begin to address the source of your need to overeat and develop more satisfying and useful ways of thinking and behaving. Part Three prepares you for doing the deep work described in Part Seven.

Part Four provides specific information about underlying issues in eating disorders.

It discusses how secrets relate to overeating, how those secrets can cause pain in your life today and how those secrets may have developed.

Part Five describes and discusses a childhood incident which helps clarify how secrets can help create and maintain eating disorders.

Part Six, by means of 20 questions, helps you discover if you have secrets in your life which may govern your overeating.

Part Seven describes the heart of your program to be free of your eating disorder. Here you will find preparatory exercises and an Action Plan. These will take you through the deep work of discovering secrets that can compel you to overeat. It shows you how to create and use a personal support and workbook system that will guide you through your personal recovery work.

Part Eight shows you how to use affirmations and gives you a list of 134 affirmations to choose from in your personal work.

Part Nine suggests additional sources of help for people with eating disorders.


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Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C., licensed by the State of California in 1980, is a Marriage, Family, Child Counselor (License #15563). She has a private practice in Los Angeles where she works with adult individuals and couples. She specializes in working with people with eating disorders and with people who are trying to understand and help a loved on who has an eating disorder.

Contact Information:
10573 West Pico Blvd. Suite 20
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 474-4165 phone
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