Not Heterosexual: An Educational Audiotape
About Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People

Gail S. Bernstein, Ph.D.


An innovative learning tool for the 90s
An antidote to the myths and the lies.
Created by a seasoned professional

Topics covered include: issues around defining sexual orientation, development of a gay, lesbian, or bisexual identity, how people learn prejudice, six types of negative beliefs about lesbian, gay and bisexual people, how to evaluate those beliefs, and where to look for more information.

For information and a free script excerpt, call, or write:

Gail S. Bernstein, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 18373
Denver CO 80203
Phone: (303) 832-5123

Gail S. Bernstein (Ph.D.,University of Wisconsin-Madison 1978), a psychologist with a Denver-based psychotherapy practice, is well-known for her knowledge about and work with gay, lesbian and bisexual people. Dr. Bernstein speaks about lesbian, bisexual and gay people to a variety of general and professional audiences. She's appeared before Big Sisters of Colorado, Mental Health Association of Colorado, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, as well as KNUS Radio and KBDI Public Television.

Bernstein's writing has been published in The Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, several Colorado-based gay publications, and nationally in Common Lives, Lesbian Lives. Her articles about clinical work with lesbian, gay and bisexual people have appeared in the Behavior Therapist and the Colorado Psychological Association Bulletin, and her chapter on Behavior Therapy with Lesbian and Gay Individuals (co-authored with Dr. Megan Miller) will appear in Vol. 30 of Progress in Behavior Modification later this year.

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