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Internet Support Groups

How to Find Yourself a Happy Home Online Staying Safe and Happy Online
Sharing the Fear
Knowing When to Walk Away
Coping With "Problem Posters"
  • Introduction
  • Money-Makers
  • Players
  • Land-Mines
  • Conclusion

Important Things to Know About E-mail

An E-mail Make-Over
The Basic Psychological Features of E-Mail Communication
Cross-Cultural E-mail in a Nutshell
Dual Relationships and E-mail
The Dynamics of an E-mail Message
E-mail Developmental History and Meeting F2F
E-mail Transference: Seeing the Other Clearly
E-Mail Writing Ability and Style
Icing on the E-mail Cake
Just Between You and Me: Private Language in E-mail
Keeping Record: The E-mail Archive
Novice and Pro: Intensity of E-mail Use
Pacing: The Ebb and Flow of Mail

The Showdown Between In-Person and Cyberspace Relationships

Some Definitions
Words and Listening
Can I Hold You in Cyberspace?
Seeing is Believing
Sensory Integration and Intuition
Noses and Tongues

Psychology of Cyberspace - Transference to Computers
You as You, Computer as Parent
You as Parent, Computer as You
You are Me, I am You, We are All Together

Psychology of Cyberspace - Computer and Cyberspace Addiction
Psychology of Cyberspace - Cyberspace as Dream World
Facets of Dreaming in Cyberspace
Spontaneous Generation
Loose Self Boundaries
Dreams About Palace
Dream 2: Belonging and Being Understood
Dream 3: The Ideal Haven
Dreams 4 & 5: Fate and the Nature of Reality
Cyberspace as an Alternative to Dreaming
Psychology of Cyberspace - Why is This Thing Eating My Life?
Extending an In-Person Group into Cyberspace
Psychotherapy Using Avatars
The Geezer Brigade: Feisty Seniors Rally Online

Attention Disorders On The Internet

Families Get Caught In The Internet

Internet Can Be As Addicting As Alcohol, Drugs And Gambling

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