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100 Ways To Love Your Mate

A Closer Look at Sex and Love Addictions

An Adventure in Intimacy and Sexuality

Challenging Our Thoughts About Sex

Crossing the Line - Online

Full Sexual Satisfaction for Women

Good Sex in Long Term Relationships

Good Sex Is Good for You!

How Old is too Old to be Sexually Active?

How to Tell If It's Love or Addiction

Internet Sexuality: Pleasure or Pathology?

Intimacy & Sexuality: A Look at the Juvenile Sexual Offender

Lasting Too Long: Delayed Ejaculation

Preventing Premature Ejaculation: Staying Power

Seven Weeks to Sexual Heaven

Sex, Lies, & Honesty: Signs of Sexual Acting Out & Some Ways to Heal the Hustle Inside You

Sexual Healing from Sexual Abuse: Advice for Adult Survivors

Pornography as Sexually Compulsive Behavior

Sexuality and Sex Therapy A Three Part Article

"Spicing Up" Your Sex Life

Viagra & Men: Relationships Still Count

Vulvar Pain Syndrome: You Are Not Alone!

Vulvovaginal Pain Disorders and Sexual Functioning

Ways to Please Your Lover: Perk up Sex, Passion, and Intimacy

What Every Adult Should Know About Child Sexual Abuse

When the Answer is "Not Tonight"

Women Who Can't Have Intercourse

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