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Health Consequences of Smoking

Historical Gender Differences in Tobacco Use

How long Does Nicotine Stay in the System?

Nicotine Freedom - Integrating the National Cancer Institute Model - "4-A's"

Nicotine Freedom - Learning from Your History

Panic Disorder and Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking: Common Errors

Resisting the Urge to Smoke Leads to Fewer Cravings

Sensation Seekers at Risk for Smoking

Social & Biological Influences of Smoking

Some Smokers Use Nicotine to "Self-Medicate for Depression

Smoking: 10 Predictors of Long-term Success at Quitting

Smoking Cloves

Teens Who Avoid Tobacco, Alcohol or Marijuana Found to be Better Adjusted

Tobacco Use Does Not Alleviate Stress But Actually Increases It

Using Visual Imagery on Your Quit Day

What are the most effective ways to stop cigarette smoking?

Who Me ... Stop Smoking Again?

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