by Kurt A. Krueger, M.S. Ed.

Part 2: Intermediate Total Fitness +

Everyone wants to improve her or himself. Here are practices to achieve consistent advancement toward your goals. Modern research is verifying the wisdom of the ages. It shows that academic, vocational, performing arts, and athletic success will flourish along with improved inter-personal relations when we use these easy to apply and practical techniques for improving.

As you read and try these practices yourself, you'll more likely integrate them into your life. The following practices are used by legendary figures in our society both in sports and the world of vocations. Here are two methods for breaking old habits and creating new, desirable ones. Just give them a try for several weeks and see what happens. When you are pleased with the results, then continue to apply them to your life and share them with your friends.


High performance nutrition describes the important benefits for both physical and mental health. You can improve your endurance and strength by up to 50%, your I.Q. by 20 points, and balance your mood swings with proper nutrition. Optimum nutrition comes from what we put in our mouth and our mind. Fresh, pure, unadulterated and whole foods are the best as proven throughout the centuries and verified by modern science. Food needs to be balanced with the appropriate vitamins and minerals which are not present in our food. Modern scientific investigations are proving that many degenerative diseases are preventable and/or curable by a proper diet and supplementation combined with positive thinking and visualizations.

Phytochemical supplements work to heal within the cells and are best for everyone: better than vitamin C (but not replacing it). Newsweek has said, "Just a few years ago, scientists didn't know phytochemicals existed. But today they are the new frontier in cancer-prevention research." Some special phytochemicals are being proven to help balance the endocrine system to produce the right amount of needed hormones, recuperate after training, and heal wounds, while others help stimulate the immune system to prevent HIV/cancers and even reverse them.

Preparing for health, academic, business, and sporting competition starts months before with basic nutritional practices. The first step is to detoxify the body by eating pure, whole and fresh foods. Stop eating junk foods -- sugar, white flour, artificial flavors and colors, and preservatives. Junk foods decrease total body vitality in both immediate strength and endurance. The next step is to adopt a basic building and supportive diet. It is proven over thousands of years and is stated plainly in the Good Book: Genesis I: 29, "God gave you every plant yielding seed and trees bearing fruit as your food, and animals as your domain."

The most successful is a vegetarian diet -- although not for everyone. Nutritional foods are: Water (8-12 glasses), whole grains -- rice, millet, oats, etc.; fruits & vegetables, preferably those in season and fresh from your area; also yeast, yogurt, miso and bee pollen. This diet is relatively low (no more than 30%) in protein, while high (at least 40%) in complex-carbohydrates. High protein, meat eating diets have been linked to poor digestion, rapid aging, cancer, increased metabolic toxicity and arthritis, to name a few.


This is the most important practice for improving our quality of life. Thank God for being able to spend another day to evolve closer to your concept of God. Ask to do God's Will and to serve God in each other. Request to be all you can be and to follow the Golden Rule -- in everything do to others as you would have them do to you.

Part 4: Culminating Total Fitness


Total Fitness was first published in the Journal of the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, Feb. '97, Sacramento.

Success Systems International teaches the techniques of Peak Performance Training. SSI and its division of the Institute of Sports Psychology were founded in 1982 by the futurist, Kurt A. Krueger. He has been a University faculty member in Psychology and Physical Education, 11923 West Kagel Canyon, CA 91342 USA.


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