Welcome to the Un-Stress Cyber Center

by Marianne Ross, Ph.D.

A stressor is anything that makes us change or adapt.

He not busy being born is busy dying. - Bob Dylan

Stress management is something that so many people know about, talk about and pursue. There is a tremendous amount of cyber material available (websites, and software). Articles, books and newspapers offer structured stress management plans, "quick and easy" strategies and general tips about reducing stress. The search for the right amount of the right kind of stress is almost a national pass-time.

People seek ways to increase good stress (i.e., that which makes you feel alert, alive and healthy) and reduce "bad" stress (i.e., that which makes you feel overworked, burdened, burned out and might affect your health) in many areas of their lives. Finding the right balance is a very worthwhile albeit difficult task. But it is well worth the effort. In fact, the more "right" the balance; the greater the chances are for resilience in tough situations, general health and happiness.

Over the next months, this new section of the Self-Help Magazine will provide you with quick helpful tips about the following topics:

  • general information about stress
  • some suggestions about how to evaluate your own stress level
  • how to identify your stressors
  • how to identify stress management strategies best suited for you
  • help considering making lifestyle changes?
  • how to overcome obstacles to change
  • reviews of books, on-line resources, software
  • a place for you to share your stress reduction tips


(Disclaimer)The information provided is intended to be viewed as an aid to you. It is not intended to take the place of professional psychological or medical guidance. We encourage you to seek professional medical or psychological assistance as needed.

Quick Tip of the Month: To make your current load a bit easier: Deep breathing.



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