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Adolescents Caught in the Net: Internet Addiction

Adolescents in Cyberspace: Adult Predators and Confidants

Adolescents in Cyberspace: How Should Parents Be Involved?

Adolescents in Cyberspace: New Know-How and Knowledge

Adolescents in Cyberspace: Where They Hang Out, and Why

Dealing with Teenagers

Depression Symptoms: Depressed Moms & Depressed Teens

Does Your Teen Have PTSD: Youth Violence and Mental Health

Drastic Weight-Reduction Efforts by Teens Usually Lead To Weight Gain

Emotional Virus Behind Hatred and Youth Violence

Parental Control: 6 Steps to Managing Your Computer-Obsessed Child or Teen

High School Involvement is Found Best Predictor of Life Success

How to Help A Teen Who Uses Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco

How To Talk To Children About Violence

Internet Marketing through Facebook: Influencing Body Image in Teens and Young Adults

Illegal Drug Use Patterns Are Important To Adolescents When Selecting Friends

Math Problems: Social Factors Considered Before Adolescents Ask For Help

Me, MySpace, and I

Moody or Depressed: The Masks of Teenage Depression

Mothers Can Have Significant Influence on Teenage Drinking

Stressing Competition May Drive Adolescents to Cheat in School

Teenage Pregnancy: A Possible Solution?

Teen ADHD Responds Best to Drug and Behavior Therapy

Teen Body Image Dissatisfaction

Teens and The Influence of Their Friends

Teens in CyberSpace, MySpace & Facebook: Social Networking for Teens Online

Teens, Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana

Teens Who Avoid Tobacco, Alcohol or Marijuana Found to be Better Adjusted

Teen Smoking & Depression

Violent Video Games Can Increase Aggression

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