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The Optimistic Child
by Martin E. P. Seligman, Karen Reivich, Lisa Jaycox, Jane Gillham
"The first major work to provide an effective program for preventing depression in childhood--and probably later in life" (Aaron T. Beck, author of Love Is Never Enough), The Optimistic Child offers parents and teachers the tools to teach children of all ages life skills that transform helplessness into mastery and which bolster self-esteem. Line drawings.

You're Grounded Till You're Thirty!: What Works - And What Doesn't - In Parenting Today's Teens (Good Housekeeping Parent Guide)
by Judith E. Craig, Judi Craig
A down-to-earth guide for parents of teenagers is presented in a problem/solution format that addresses such issues as messy rooms, skipping school, dating, sex, eating disorders, depression, and substance abuse.

When Mothers Work : Loving Our Children Without Sacrificing Our Selves
by Joan K. Peters
Read the first chapter!

Things Will Be Different for My Daughter : A Practical Guide to Building Her Self-Esteem and Self-Reliance
by Mindy Bingham, Sandy Stryker, Susan All Stetter Neufeldt, Susan Stryker
The first practical guide to raising your daughter from infancy through the teen years and beyond--from the bestselling authors of Choices. Warm, supportive, and solidly based on the latest research, this guide can help parents to raise a confident and capable daughter--and set her on the path to a happy and successful adulthood.

The Shelter of Each Other : Rebuilding Our Families
by Mary Bray Pipher
Families, the bedrock of our society and culture, are today under assault from every side. Parents, struggling under their own pressures and unmet needs, don't know how to protect their children from crime, poverty, abuse, and media violence. In The Shelter of Each Other, the author of Reviving Ophelia wisely and compassionately challenges readers to find the courage to nurture and revivify the families they cherish.

Surviving the Breakup
Judith S. Wallerstein, Joan Berlin Kelly, Joan B. Kelly
How children and Parents Cope with Divorce.

The Optimistic Child
Martin E. P. Seligman, Karen Reivich, Lisa Jaycox, Jane Gillham
A proven program to safeguard children against depression and build lifelong resilence.

Raising Compassionate Courageous Children in a Violent World
Janice Cohn
Teach children compassion when the world around them is not.

Wonderful Ways to Love a Teen: Even When It Seems Impossible
Judy Ford
Raising your teenager.

The Optimistic Child: A Proven Program to Safeguard Children Against Depression
Martin E. P., Phd Seligman, Karen Reivich (Narrator)
Audio Cassette
Safeguarding children against depression.

Why Children Misbehave and What to Do About It
Christine Adams, Ernest Fruge
This guide helps parents teach children how to adapt to the demands of life and appreciate the needs of others while letting children know they are loved and valued.

The Nesting Syndrome: Grown Children Living at Home
Valerie Wiener
Numerous personal testimonies illustrate all aspects of this difficult issue

Times Square Rabbi:Finding The Hope In Lost Kids' Lives
Yehudah Fine



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