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This is a free service to anyone wanting to discuss online romance. It is developed for the informal discussion of all aspects of cyber-romance, including cyber-relationships, cyber-affairs, and cyber-sex. Personal events, opinions, observations are welcomed.

This list is not intended to be a replacement for professional consultation or to offer direct psychological advice to any individual. As a condition of participation, you must accept responsibility for your own reactions and related behavior, regardless of what you read from this list. Cyber-romance is a loose "sounding board" and not moderated.

Please participate at your own risk. Neither Cyber-romance, the list owners, administrators, assistants or their delegates; nor contributors can be held liable in any way for any information and/or data made available, or omitted, from any and all information distributed through this forum. Information distributed is not checked for accuracy. By continuing to remain subscribed to Cyber-romance, you agree to hold harmless the all above named parties against any and all liability for any action that you may or may not take; and any and all other consequences regarding all postings, regardless of the cause, effects, or fault of any of the parties.

Marlene Maheu, Ph.D
Cyber-romance List Owner

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