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Feminine Leadership: Avoiding the Top Ten Mistakes
Shirley Black, LLM

Historically speaking, it has only been for a short time that women have occupied leadership roles. Now that the dark ages of discrimination are behind us, many women are finding themselves in positions of great responsibility that demand high quality leadership skills. However, precisely because this is such a comparatively recent development, there is not a huge precedent for what constitutes a successful woman leader.

The general consensus on the matter, however, seems to indicate that there is in fact a big difference in the way that the two genders approach the task of leadership. By observing these differences, we can extrapolate from them what the most commonly seen qualities are in successful women leaders, and conversely, how to avoid the mistakes that inhibit them... more>>

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Parenting the Net Generation
Larry Rosen, Ph.D.

Help! Is it Healthy that my Kids are Always "Wired" and Doing a Zillion Things at the Same Time?

OF COURSE YOUR KIDS DRIVE YOU CRAZY! They grew up with technology everywhere and it is their life. We are in the midst of the three most distinct and different generations in history. Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), Generation X (1965-1979), and the Net Generation (born after 1979) differ in personal values, work ethic, and every which way you can imagine.

Much of these differences come from the rapid emergence of electronic technology over the past 20 years. The young kids were born steeped in technology and populate MySpace, text message furiously, and define themselves by their technological savvy and their virtual presence. They are multitasking whizzes and eagerly gobble up new technology. Baby Boomers grew up in the post-war economy where technology meant a television set or a radio. Generation Xers fit somewhere in between.

Many were born into technology while others embraced the Internet as it began to emerge as a major force in our lives. They may be computer savvy, but they are nowhere near their tech-fanatic younger siblings or children. The characteristics that best highlight these differences are shown in the table below from research and interviews... more>>

Am I Suffering from Trauma?
Jasmin Lee Cori, MS, LPC

Alyce didn't understand why, but the thought of getting trapped in the parking lot created a sudden sense of panic. She wasn't always anxious, but when she did become upset or nervous, it was sort of over the top. She also had disturbing dreams of her home being broken into when she was sleeping. And when her siblings reminisced about family vacations spent with cousins, she found herself with a pounding headache. Other things bothered her too, like leaving her daughter with babysitters. When she saw a movie in which a child was sexually assaulted, she wondered if anything had happened to her.

Sometimes we push traumatic events out of conscious awareness because we don't have the resources to cope with them. Traumas like incest are often simply too disruptive to a child to deal with, and the best strategy in the moment is to forget about or repress them.

Other times we don't recognize that our symptoms are the result of traumatic stress because we haven't identified a remembered event as traumatic. Perhaps others downplayed the importance of it, wanting us to feel better and not "wallow" in something painful. Also an event that may be experienced as traumatic to the nervous system may be accepted within a given context as normal (e.g., battering a spouse) or necessary (e.g., medical interventions)... more>>