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Professional Email Lists

PsyFORUM - for discussion of professional issues by psychologists and graduate students.
PsyBUS - for discussion of entrepreneurial approaches to the business of psychotherapy by mental health professionals & colleagues.
NetPSY - for discussion of Internet Psychology by all mental health professionals.
Telehealth - for the discussion of telehealth ethics, laws, research, services and technologies by government employees, mental health professionals, and hardware/software vendors & developers.

Professional Email Newsletters

CybertowerNews Newsletter for professionals and members of organizations developing their own professional websites.
TelehealthNews Newsletter for professionals interested in resource information and summary articles by leaders in telehealth.

Consumer Email Discussion Lists
Cyber-Romance - for discussion of any aspect of cyber-romance, including cyber-affairs and cybersex.
Self-help & Psychology Newsletter Email "sample" of current month's additions to SH&P; website. The newsletter provides full articles, question and answers from professionals, as well as lists of resources, both online and offline. Subscribe and send to your friends and family members through email.

Web Resources
Calendar of Professional Events by Myron Pulier, M.D.
Links to Over 1000 Professional Mental Health Journals by Armin G nther
Mental Health Telehealth Technology Registry by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

SH&P: If you'd like to contribute to SH&P, please review our submissions guidelines, and write to Dr. Maheu with a proposal mentioning the topic(s) you'd like to cover. Regular staff writers as well as occasional contributors are welcomed.

Professional Library
Articles and Viewpoints by Our Esteemed Colleagues
Book Reviews Moderated by Bryan Knight, Ph.D.
Coaching by Patrick Williams, Ph.D. and Contributors
Group Psychotherapy Articles by Marc G. Schramm, Ph.D.
Marketing Your Practice by Rose Piper-Lacroix
Virtual Psychology by Nancy Picard
SH&P; Professional Links - add your professional website

Mental Health Practitioners Delivering Services On-Line
by Barry Gordon, Ph.D. & Marlene Maheu, Ph.D.

CyberTowers Professional Center
Risk Management Office
Telehealth Office
Website Sales Office
Pioneer Development Resources, Inc.


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