Group Psychotherapy

by Marc G. Schramm, Psy.D., C.G.P.

A Brief Beef
Basic Assumptions
Being There
The End of Time
Good Advice
No Good Deed...
Introduction to the Issues
No Fine Print-Part One: The Basics of a Group Contract
No Fine Print-Part Two: Sample Group Contract
Open House
The Secrets of Effective Therapists
Waldorf Salad
When You Gotta Go


Marc G. Schramm, Psy.D., is a Founding Certificant of the National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists, a clinical member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, and President of the Tri-State Group Psychotherapy Society. He is currently Cincinnati-Dayton Regional Director for Counseling Consultants, Inc. Call Dr. Schramm at 513-984-9222