Net Psy:
For Mental Health Professionals of All Disciplines


NetPsy is a forum for the discussion of the psychological and psychotherapeutic services delivered via all aspects of the Internet. It is not intended to be a replacement for psychotherapy or private consultation. Individuals needing professional advice are redirected to professionals in their local geographic area, to meet with them face - to - face and examine their problem with the proper attention it deserves. Net Psy is intended to serve as a loose "sounding board" for professionals to discuss issues not yet shown effective by research. It is not intended to offer direct advice to any individual. Non-professionals are only invited to participate with the above understanding.

Examples of relevant topics include the following:

  • Online ethics
  • Online demographics
  • Influences of the online community in the lives of users
    Both positive and negative
  • New additions to mental-health terminology
  • Symbols related to affective expressions
  • New behavioral patterns online
  • Influences of current and innovative forms of online technology
    Both positive and negative
  • Innovative uses of online technology to treat disorders as classified in DSM-IV
  • Reviews of resource sites, newsletters, and mail groups related to mental health online
  • Short editorials or comments on various topics of relevance to psychology online
  • The effects of not having visual or auditory feedback in interpersonal communications
    Both group and individual 
  • Does projection play a greater role in net communications
Subscribers exchange suggestions, expertise, mistakes, successes, and ideas about developing mental-health related products and services on and off the Net.
NetPsy List Co-Moderator: Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
NetPsy List Co-Moderator: Jerry Quimby, MA, NCC
How You Can Help

Tell Your Friends. Please help our numbers grow! Inform your psychologist colleagues of this valuable resource, and encourage those not "online" to get connected. The more of us who are connected, the more potential sources of information are available to us all, and the more ideas we will have to help ourselves regroup and develop new applications of the work we have chosen as a profession.

How To Subscribe

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Permission is granted to forward this message via email or hard copy to other psychotherapy practitioners. 



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